3 Ways to Make a Patriotic Quilt for Veteran's Day

Nov 6, 2019 8:33:11 AM / by Emily Tindall

Hi there, I am Emily - aka Homemade Emily Jane, a brand ambassador for AccuQuilt! Do you agree that if it weren’t for the hundreds of thousands of people who have served in the military to protect our homeland, America would not be what it is today? With Veteran’s Day right around the corner, I am reminded just how much we need to appreciate and love on the brave men and women who have served so we can live in the land of the free. Over the past few months, I've partnered with one of my favorite veterans (my mom!) to create patriotic quilts that we can use to give back to some of our country's incredible service men and women. 


Before I get too into telling you about the project itself, let me tell you about my experience with the military.




I come from a very service-oriented family. Not only did both of my grandfathers serve in the military (one in the Air Force, the other in the Navy), but I also was raised by two Air Force veterans for parents. Me and my siblings had a strict childhood with “SAMI” cleaning every weekend - SAMI stands for "Saturday A.M. Inspection" and it’s no joke! Those beds better be made! Along with the strict rules, we were also taught that service is important, the military can be an amazing career, and that we have the freedom to do whatever we set our hearts and minds to do.


Two of my siblings took that empowerment and joined the military themselves! My younger brother graduated from West Point and is now a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army serving as a chemical officer and my younger sister is a cadet at West Point set to graduate soon.


With that in mind, you can see why I chose to dive into some patriotic quilts. Read on to see the three quilt patterns I've worked on.




1. The Salute America Quilt

My mom is actually the person that first told me about AccuQuilt and I’m sure glad she did! We worked together to cut out the pieces for our first patriotic quilt together. We decided to make a quilt inspired by the GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Quilts pattern book by Eleanor Burns. Inside the book there is an amazing patriotic quilt using the GO! Qube Mix & Match 9” Block and some specialty appliqué dies: the GO! Eagle by Eleanor Burns and GO! Star-2", 3", 4"! The book came with my Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System and includes a pattern for us to follow exactly. We decided to recreate our own version of this quilt to donate as our way of supporting our amazing service men and women!


The Salute America pattern uses the GO! Turnstile 9” Block Pattern, but we instead made them 8” to match the GO! Qube size I have! Isn’t it neat how easy it is to switch it up?!




To make this exact quilt, here are the dies you would need:

Do you know someone who gives 150% to everything they do? My momma is that kind of person. She got so inspired working on the turnstile block Salute America patriotic quilt that she actually went ahead and made two more quilts to go along with it!




2. The Patriotic Pineapple

One of the additional quilts my wonderful mom decided to make uses the GO! Pineapple-10" Finished. She used that die to make 12 mainly white blocks with red accent and 19 mainly red blocks with white accent, creating the stripes reminiscent of the American flag. She then also used the same pineapple die to make four blue and white blocks to place where the stars of the flag are. I really adore the beauty of this flag quilt made with the pineapple block shapes!


To make this exact quilt, here are the dies you would need:




3. Disappearing Nine Patch Americana Quilt

Another amazing quilt made for this special project is the simple and classic Disappearing Nine Patch. If you want a quick project to bust some scraps this is a really great option. To make it, you simply cut 5” squares and sew nine together into a large square. Then cut that square into four equal squares, rotate them, and sew back together!


The die you would need to make this quilt is the GO! Square-5" (4½" Finished) Die or even the GO! Strip Cutter-5" (4½" Finished) if you want to cut the squares yourself.


To make this exact quilt, here are the dies you would need:




Where are these Quilts Going?

All 3 of these beautiful Americana-themed quilts will be donated to the West Point Parents Club of Central Florida to be sold at their annual silent auction this December. If you want to donate to help support our military men and women, there are quite a few amazing organizations out there. Please consider donating to the West Point Association of Graduates or the Wounded Warrior Project.

Another amazing thing you can do to help support veterans is to consider making a quilt for for Quilts of Valor


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