4" Qube Mix & Match: Easy Quilting Magic

May 27, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Erica Bottger


With the arrival of the new GO! Qube Mix & Match 4” Block, so many creative possibilities have opened up for you! AccuQuilt's smallest Qube size is causing BIG excitement across the quilting landscape.

Yet, this fabric cutting system works just like the other sized GO! Qubes. They have the exact same shapes - just different sizes.


How Qubes Make Quilting Easy!

Each GO! Qube Mix & Match Block gives you 8 dies, each with a different shape that can be combined to make over 72 different blocks!

Each shape has the ¼” seam built in and has dog eared corners making assembly easier than ever before - even with the smaller pieces.

There’s no need to worry about time consuming cutting because the dies will quickly (and accurately) cut these small shapes for you in record time.

Let’s look at what’s inside the box!


Inside the 4" Qube

Shape #1 – GO! Square 2 ½” (2” finished)

With every Qube, four of Shape #1 will create a block that finishes at the size of the Qube. That means a 4-patch block will finish in your project at 4”.

4" Qube Shape #1 Die and 4-patch block


Shape #2 – GO! Square 1 ½” (1” finished)

Combine four of these smaller squares for a unit that is the same size as Shape #1.

Look at the quilt block below. This double 4-patch block is one of the 72 basic Mix & Match blocks you can make with every size of Mix & Match Qube, but this one finishes at just 4”.

4" Qube Shape #2 Die and double 4-patch block


Shape #3 – GO! Half Square Triangle – 2” Finished Square

Two of these half square triangles will make a unit that matches Shape #1. Here’s a Mill Wheel block to show you how it looks with four units combined.

4" Qube Shape #3 Die and Mill Wheel block


Shapes #2, #3 and #5 will all work together to make this adorable Spool block that will finish at just 4” in a project!

Spool block


Shape #4 – GO! Quarter Square Triangle – 2” Finished Square

Combining four of Shape #4 will make a unit that is equal to one of Shape #1.

As with all the other shapes everything goes back to Shape #1. This Yankee Puzzle block has four quarter square units combined.

4" Qube Shape #4 Die and Yankee Puzzle block


Shape #5 – GO! Half Square Triangle – 1” Finished Square

While this shape may look small, it’s a workhouse and will find its way into so many of your designs!

Look at this smaller version of the Mill Wheel that will finish at just 2” in your project – the same exact size as Shape #1.

4" Qube Shape #5 Die and Mill Wheel block


Shape #6 – GO! Square on Point – 1 7/8”

This square is designed to be set on point. Add Shape #5 to each side to make the popular Square in a Square unit that will equal Shape #1.

The beauty of this little wonder is having all the math done for you, how easy is that?


Shape #7 – GO! Parallelogram 45 – 1 3/8” x 1 ¾”

Sew Shape #5 onto both long sides of this parallelogram to create a rectangle that is equal to Shape #8.

Sewing two together would make a unit equal to Shape #1.

4" Qube Shape #7 Die - A Parallelogram


Shape #8 – GO! Rectangle 1 ½” x 2 ½”

This shape pulls your Qube together!

This rectangle will be equal to one parallelogram unit.

Two sewn together will be equal to Shape #1.


Flying Geese in Every Qube

Shapes #4 and #5 in every GO! Qube Mix & Match will combine to make Flying Geese.

These popular design elements are so easy to make with the dog eared corners to guide you.

The block pictured below is Louisiana - another of the 72 blocks. Here you see that the Flying Geese units match the Shape #8 rectangle perfectly.

Create flying geese with shapes #4 and #5


Free Quilt Patterns & Tips

All 72 block patterns can be found as a free download at AccuQuilt.com, but don’t stop there!

Once you start working with the shapes in this Qube, you’ll find all kinds of creative uses for them.

Pro Tip: Consider making a Sawtooth Star or Uneven 9-Patch with your 8” Qube and substituting a block pieced with the 4” Qube in the center instead of a solid block.

Pro Tip: Now, think about the blocks that you can make using the 4” Qube for a 9-patch block like a Churn Dash? That’s a 6” finished block made with your 4” Qube!

Pro Tip: Want to take it one step further? Pull out your GO! Qube Mix & Match 12” Block to make another Churn Dash block using the 6” block for the center, creating an 18” finished nested block.


Quilt Smaller, Easier!

This new Qube may be the smallest member of the family, but it packs a big creative “punch!”

It certainly makes working with small shapes easier than ever before.

We hope you share pictures of the projects you dream up using this exciting new size! 

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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger