5 Great Memory Quilt Blocks using AccuQuilt

May 11, 2021 1:30:00 PM / by Emily Tindall

Hi There! Emily here from Homemade Emily Jane here to spill all my secrets about making a Signature Memory Quilt. I'll first share a bit about my own memory quilt that I used as my wedding guest book, and then I'll show you 5 awesome blocks you can use for YOUR memory quilt!


Memory Quilts can be made for all types of events and moments to remember. Some common memory quilt events might be graduations, milestone birthdays, weddings, or even to remember a loved one who passed away. I personally made my first memory quilt for my wedding.

My Wedding Guest Book Memory Quilt

Instead of having the traditional wedding guest book for my wedding, I made a signature memory quilt where each guest signed a quilt block with a lovely message. The quilt is now filled with sweet notes from some of the most influential and important people in my life! You can read more about the signature memory quilt I made for my wedding.


One really neat thing about all 5 of these quilt blocks is that they can all be made with any size Mix & Match Qube! I made mine with the GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block, but you could use any size block for your Memory Quilt!

Memory Quilt Blocks

If you want to make a memory quilt that involves people signing quilt blocks, here are 5 great quilt block options for you to use!

Find the AccuQuilt Qubes here:


Memory Quilt Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

1. Reverse Sawtooth Star

Use a white or other lightly colored solid as the star block and use colors/printed fabrics for the outsides of the stars, then have your guests sign in the center of each star.


Memory Quilt Economy Quilt Block

2. Economy Quilt Block

An Economy Quilt block features a center square that is also perfect for signing in the middle! Find the exact directions for making an economy quilt block in this tutorial.


Memory Quilt Depression Block

3. Depression Block

Similar to the Economy Quilt Block, the Depression quilt block has a prominent center square! It is important to keep in mind though that the center square is at a diagonal so you’d want to make sure to communicate that to people before they sign if you care that they all lay in the same direction.


Memory Quilt Airplane Block

4. Airplane Block

If your signature memory quilt will have a lot of people signing it, you might consider using an Airplane block and having guests sign on the larger triangles. I do recommend using a 10” or 12” Mix and Match Qube if you use the Airplane block since there are 4 signature spaces on each block.


Memory Quilt Uneven 9 Patch Block

5. Uneven 9-Patch Quilt Block

For a simple and easy memory quilt, consider using uneven 9-patch quilt blocks. These can be done in a variety of colors or using a mix-and-match color palette on each block so that they come together to create a beautiful patchwork quilt.


Memory Signature Quilt Blocks


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