9 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Dec 21, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Vicki Parrish

The best parts of the holidays are the memories we create with our kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and the rest of our families. What better way to do that than by sharing what we love doing…crafting! Here are some easy holiday craft ideas to spark your creativity.

1.   Holiday Light Garland

Kristina Brinkerhoff recently shared the most delightful holiday light garland. This festive string of joy can be strung around your Christmas tree like a garland or simply displayed in the window. You can find instructions here

As an added bonus, this pattern only uses two dies: the GO! Crazy Petals Die and the Strip Cutter - 1".

AccuQuilt Christmas Lights 1-2-1



2.  No-Sew Stockings

A great project for kids of any age is the GO! No-Sew Just For You Stocking Wall Decor and the GO! No-Sew Snowman Stocking Wall Decor. Creative foam or felt work great for this artistic endeavor.

Wouldn’t the GO! Gnome Die or the GO! Gingerbread Cookie Die be adorable added to this wall décor? AccuQuilt has many applique dies that would crank up the cuteness of this project.

We would love to see what your littles create!


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas StockingEasy Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Stocking Red



3.  Personalized Baking Aprons

What kid doesn’t like to help with holiday baking? Why not help them create their very own apron to commemorate the occasion (and keep them tidy)?

Have your kiddo pick their favorite applique die and choose their favorite fabrics. You can even let them add the fusible backing (with supervision, of course).

Next, let them use your AccuQuilt cutter, peel the backing off the fusible, and place the pieces on the apron to create their very own masterpiece!

Once you have it hooped up and on your embroidery machine, let them push the button to start embroidering. Your little crafters will be mesmerized watching their creations come together!

 ginger apron-1



4.  Heirloom Felt Ornaments

It’s time to trim the tree! And the GO! Felt Christmas Ornament Pattern provides lots of adorable options. You can even use a hot glue gun for a no-sew option. These ornaments are sure to become family heirlooms!



Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Heirloom Felt Ornaments
Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Ornaments



5.  No-Sew Santa Gnome Garland

Put "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" on the TV and get ready for fun with the GO! Night Before Christmas Garland Pattern. It’s the cutest, and it requires no sewing! You can even invite Santa to the party in the form of the GO! Gnome.


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Santa Gnome Garland


6.  Mittens Advent Garland

Here's an Advent calendar that's sure to be a holiday hit! The GO! Mittens Advent Garland Pattern uses the new GO! Mittens Die. This pattern even contains 24 Advent good deed cards!


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Mittens Advent Garland



7.  No-Sew Snowflake Ornaments

Here’s another ornament that even your youngest elves can help with! Use your favorite dies to create these nearly no-sew GO! Simple Snowflake Ornaments.

Simply cut two of the same snowflake (or choose two different shapes) from thick felt.

Next, cut narrow vertical slits halfway through each shape, cutting one shape from the top and the other from the bottom.

Now just slide the two shapes together, add a thread hanger, and you’re done!





8.  Winter Window Decor 

The GO! Winter Window Treatment Pattern is certain to add a holiday flair to your decor no matter what the temperature outside your window.

Simply cut various snowflakes and secure them with monofilament thread around the button-covered tension rod. Then use the same technique to create another scene in your window.

You could even let your kiddos have a window decorating contest to bring variety and personalization to every window in the house!


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Winter Window Decor



9.  Build Foam Snowmen

Craft foam is your secret weapon for making great memories during the holidays. The GO! Build a Snowman Pattern is just one fun possibility!

Here in Minnesota, snow days are often too cold for outdoor fun. So why not put some hot chocolate on and let your kids make an indoor snowman?


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Build a Foam Snowman



Ornament Craft Party

Here are some great ideas from some of my fellow AccuQuilt experts. Anita McMurray-Amador had a crafty day with her nieces to create ornaments.

Madison And Kinsley had a quick lesson on how to use the AccuQuilt cutter, and then they were off!


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Ornament Craft Partyanita 2-1



Christmas Stocking Party

Barbara Biddlecome Harper had a Christmas Stocking Party with her family. Everyone created their own stocking.

Just look at those cuties and how proud they are. This will be a treasured family moment for years to come!


Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Stocking Partybaraba 2



Create Your Own Holiday Traditions

Sometimes the best moments are the ones in which we slow down and spend the time to make lasting memories. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to create your own family holiday traditions.

I can’t wait to see what memories you create with this holiday season! Please share your pictures on social media and remember to tag your pictures with #AccuQuiltBuilt to claim additional AQ Circle Reward Points.

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