9 Pattern Options Using 9-Patch Blocks that are Never Boring! - Part 4

Oct 4, 2018 2:11:29 PM / by David Mills

Hi, it’s David and I’m sharing how to use the GO! Qube Mix & Match and GO! Qube Companion Sets to make 9-patch quilt blocks. Isn’t it great when you learn how to create different and fun patterns with your Qubes? It’s what ensures that you will never run out of inspiration for your next quilting project.

So, what is a 9-patch block? In a nutshell, you can build a 9-patch configuration by taking a 4-patch configuration and adding an extra row of shape 1s and then adding an extra column of shape 1s.



Easy Qube Chart Anyone?

I’m very visual so I went ahead and created this graphic that easily displays the finished size quilt block when creating a 9-patch configuration. Well, as shown, the size of the finished block simply grows by the finished size of shape 1. For example, the finished size of shape 1 in the 6" Qube is 3", so the finished size of a 9-patch block will be 9". Now, you can easily find the finished sizes for both 4 and 9-patch blocks. Please feel free to save this graphic as a reference!




Now, you can create cool blocks with a 9-patch configuration. As you see the 9 patterns below, your inspiration kicks into gear when you want to look at creating a traditional or modern pattern. There is something for everyone’s personal taste – or the taste of those receiving your gift!

Let the fun begin! 




Try one, try them all! Which version of this patter is going to be your next 9-patch quilt? Share your thoughts below!


P.S. Did You Know?

Each Qube system is named after the finished block size that you will be able to make using a four-patch configuration. For example, a 6" Qube will make a 6" finished block in a 4-patch configuration. An 8" Qube will make an 8" finished block in a 4-patch configuration. This rule works for the rest of the Qube sizes as well.


If you’re enjoying this series, check back weekly for a new post in this series.

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