A Starry Die For Shining Quilt Projects

Sep 6, 2022 1:10:00 PM / by Alyssa Nordmeyer

The start of a new month means another Die to Try die, and September’s is the GO! Whirling Star-12” Finished Die! This versatile Block on Board (BOB) Die is just what quilters of any skill level need to complete a sophisticated looking block that is easier than ever to construct using the AccuQuilt system.


GO! Whirling Star-12" Finished Die




All About the Die to Try Program

The Die to Try program offers an exclusive new die on the first Tuesday of every month.


These dies are available during their release month while supplies last on the AccuQuilt website or at your local retailer. When the next month starts, another new die, more free patterns, and additional tutorials will be available to quilters.


Quilters can vote to add a Die to Try die to our permanent die collection, meaning more quilters will be able to grab the die if they were unable to during its special launch.



Star Gaze with Ease

The GO! Whirling Star-12” Finished Die features eight geometric shapes that can safely, quickly, easily, and accurately be cut in a single pass through any GO! Fabric Cutter, including the Studio 2 with an appropriate adapter.



GO! Whirling Star-12" Finished Die Board



While it might seem complicated to create a Whirling Star block, it takes almost no time at all, especially when you make one of the projects below!



Stay Starry-Eyed

Each of these patterns utilizes the GO! Whirling Star-12” Finished Die alongside at least one GO! Strip Cutter Die and other GO! Dies, allowing any quilter to reach the quilting stars.



GO! Firestorm Throw Quilt Free Pattern



Just like the sun, the GO! Firestorm Throw Quilt will warm up any room it is placed in. This fiery pattern turns half of the blocks on point with the GO! Setting Triangles-12” Finished Die for an impressive look.

 Download the Free GO! Firestorm Throw Quilt Pattern Here



If you are seeing stars while gazing at the GO! Stars Aplenty! Wall Hanging, it is because you have also spotted the GO! Blazing Star-12” Finished by Eleanor Burns Die!



GO! Stars Aplenty! Wall Hanging Free Pattern



The patriotic colorway used in this pattern is perfect for seasonal and holiday decor as well as for a gift to a veteran or veteran organization.


Download the Free GO! Stars Aplenty! Wall Hanging Pattern Here



Making the GO! Tilt A Whirl Wall Hanging is just as fun as riding one of these classic carnival rides.



GO! Tilt A Whirl Wall Hanging Free Pattern



Just like one's experience at a carnival, this colorful pattern can be changed to fit any quilter’s preferences using GO! Quilt.


Download the Free GO! Tilt A Whirl Wall Hanging Pattern Here



The GO! Whirl and Twirl Wall Hanging is even easier to make with AccuQuilt's video tutorial to create it.



GO! Whirl and Twirl Wall Hanging Free Pattern



The rich hues of darker purples and subtle lighter shades lets the colors effortlessly swirl together to produce a lovely design.


Download the Free GO! Whirl and Twirl Wall Hanging Pattern Here




Give This BOB a Whirl!

These stunning patterns can be downloaded for free on AccuQuilt’s website. Last month’s Die to Try sold out in eight days, so grab your GO! Whirling Star-12” Finished Die before it is too late!


If you missed our launch party, take a look to find more inspiration using September’s Die to Try die:



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Alyssa Nordmeyer

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