This Quick Baby Quilt Looks Hard, But it Isn't

Mar 20, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's Bea again from Beaquilter, I'm here to show you how to make this cute HOOT baby quilt! I made this baby quilt in two days so it's a weekend project for a last minute baby shower gift or it's never too early to start thinking about Xmas gifts!

Baby Quilt


It is 40" x 40"

To make this quilt you'll need 3 fabrics, 1 yard each. (A, B, C)

I chose these two yellow owl fabrics by Riley Blake and a white.


Beamarch Baby Quilt 2


And the 8" QUBE set and Companion set


Baby Quilt


Plus I also used the 2 1/2" Strip die

This quilt is based on the QAL (Quilt Along) that I'm doing on my blog and here I used the first 9 blocks!

For it, we make one block per week, but since this is for 1 quilt now, I listed all the pieces that need to be cut using the fabrics shown and the shape #s from the QUBE sets.

Shape #2: A= 14, B=6

Shape #3: A=6, B=2

Shape #4: A=4, B=12, C=4

Shape #5: A=38, B=30, C=24

Shape #6: B=1, C=1

Shape #7: A=4, B=4 (half in reverse)

Shape #8: A=4, B=2, C=2

Shape #9: C=4 (same, see sketch below)

Shape #10: A=2, C=2

Some of these you have to watch the direction of the fabric.

Here's all my fabrics cut out


beamarch Baby Quilt 3


One tip, is to start with the largest die and cut WOF strips in the order of largest to smallest.

Here the largest is Shape #4 so I cut 5 3/4" strips of all 3 fabrics and cut what was needed for that shape, then #2, #8 and then cut 5 1/4" of A and C and cut #3, and so on, last I cut 3 3/4" strips for shape #5.

If you want to do all the cutting and be done, cut out (7) 2 1/2" strips of color C for the sashing and inner border, and 5 strips (color A) for binding, also cut out (4) 4 1/2" strips of color B for the outer border.




If you want to look at more tips on how I sewed the blocks, look at my blog

Or look below - they are not hard to figure out :)

Here is block 1


beamarch baby quilt 1


Block 2 is not hard, with how I cut out the pieces I decided to turn the block 90 degrees.


beamarch Baby Quilt 2


Here's block # 3




Block #4 (I used this block in another quilt I showed)




Block #5, notice the direction of the chisel shape!

(if you used a solid fabric instead of a print, it would not matter how you cut out the shape, you would just flip it over when sewing the block)



Block #6 is easy!



Block #7, is not hard just a lot of pieces, here I cut out shape 6 on the bias cut so I could get the owl facing the right way!



Block #8



and last, block #9, it's not hard, this one just take a while as you sew it from the middle and out.



Once all the blocks are done, cut some of the (C) 2 1/2" strips and trim to 8 1/2" x 2 1/2", a total of 12, then sew some of the #2 squares to the ends of 4 of them and sew the center of the quilt.



Then sew the border on.

First white (C) border is 28 1/2" (sides) then 32 1/2" for top and bottom,

outer border is 32 1/2" (sides) and top and bottom is 40 1/2"



Quilt it and add binding



I quilted a pointy swirl all over in a pale yellow.


A Hoot of a quilt!



I hope that you liked this! It is easy and quick to make with the QUBE set

There are many other color ways you can make it

For a boy 



A Christmas one (ha ha)



or a scrappy kind



If doing a scrappy one, here's a tip to use shape 8 (and 1) and make a scrappy border too


Hope you'll try one of these fun versions and that you enjoyed this baby quilt tutorial! 



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