Inspirational AccuQuilt Customer Creations

Jan 22, 2022 7:30:00 AM / by Brad Boesen

At AccuQuilt, we like to share our own inspirational projects, but it’s your creations that we find truly inspiring. We’ve often asked you to share your own projects, and we love seeing each one.

Now, we’d like to share some of those projects and the stories they tell to help inspire your next quilting project.

Inspiration + AccuQuilt = Magical Quilt Creations

The beauty of quilting is that, even when you’re using a pattern, it’s your own special twists that make each project uniquely yours. The only rule is that there are no rules.

Here are just a few of the beautiful creations you’ve shared with us.



Valerie_G AccuQuilt Creation


AccuQuilt Blocks of Whimsy

Our first project (above) comes from Valerie G.

Valerie’s quilt incorporates a fun theme of sea life and prehistoric critters. It’s colorful and whimsical. With its beautiful use of my favorite shade of green, it certainly would have been right at home on my childhood bed.



Regina_F-C AccuQuilt Creation


A Starstruck Quilt Block Pattern

Above is an offering from Regina F-C.

This one sports a geometrical star design in blacks, whites, and grays that appeals to my sense of order in the universe. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to wish upon a star.



Wendy_H AccuQuilt Creation


A Fantastical Quilt Pattern

This next piece, by Wendy H., is custom-made for the room of any imaginative child.

A colorful starburst in the center is surrounded by a gallery of critters. There’s everything from the King of the Jungle to more bookish kittens. With its inscription of “Azlan” in the center, it’s ideal for any little (or big) C.S. Lewis fan.



Wilma_G-M AccuQuilt Creation


A Diamond-Studded Monochrome Quilt

Wilma G-M. gives us another creation in a color scheme similar to Regina's.

This beautiful quilt is laid out in a checkerboard/diamond pattern. A border of triangles brings it all together. This quilt would make a great wall hanging, although, you may prefer snuggling up under it by a roaring fire.



Raquel_R AccuQuilt Creation


A Springtime Pattern in Green

Next up is Raquel R.

This lovely design in many shades of green is perfect for those beautiful, yet still brisk, spring nights. It's a complex and calming pattern that gives the eye plenty to take in. Did I mention that my favorite color is green?



Anita_L-H AccuQuilt Creation


A Scrap-Busting Floral Explosion

This one comes from Anita L-H.

Taking a walk on the scrappy side, Anita’s creation is both beautiful and homey - with a border that might have come straight from your spring flower garden.



Bev_C-S AccuQuilt Creation


A Nautical Study in Blue

Bev C-S. gives us this seafaring creation.

Perfect for all those whale watchers out there, this whimsical polka-dotted creature emerges from sparkling seas to say hello before diving back down into cozy, quilted waters.



Martha_S-G AccuQuilt Creation


A Quilted Rainbow of Light

Martha S-G. rounds out our collection.

This medley of bright, geometric colors can be a dream-inspiring addition to any bed. Or, you could hang it to turn any wall into a magical stained glass window.



With AccuQuilt Quilting Possibilities are Endless

As you can see, inspiration is not in short supply in the AccuQuilt community. We’d be proud to display, or curl up under, each of these creations. We’re especially glad that AccuQuilt could play a part in putting them together.

Please continue to share all of your creations with us on our social media. In return, we promise to keep providing new and exciting dies to help spur your imagination.

Which quilt designs made by the AccuQuilt community are your favorites? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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Brad Boesen

Written by Brad Boesen