What Everybody Ought to Know About NEW Studio Two Tone™ Dies

Oct 25, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

What's New! Studio Two Tone™ Dies

If you have been an AccuQuilt customer for a long time, then you already know that our Studio™ dies haven’t always been made with Two Tone™ foam. This innovative invention makes it so much easier to see which shapes you want to cut and we have recently applied this to all our Studio Dies as well. You can be more efficient with your time, you can save fabric, all while being safer. You asked and we delivered!


Two Tone™ foam


As a reminder, the metal blades that cut your fabric rests between the two tones of foam on the die. With the foam on top of the die, it doubles as added protection for your fingers, so your fingers don't come in contact with the blades. You no longer need to mark your dies, they’re ready to use right out of the package. And no more guessing where the designs are on the board as it’s easy to identify exactly where the shapes are. You also end up saving on fabric because you can clearly align where your fabric needs to lie over the edge of the shape which will end up saving you time and fabric and what quilter out there doesn’t like to save fabric?


Two Tone Foam™


For those not familiar with our Studio™ line, here is some information on the benefits of what the Studio 2™ Fabric Cutter can do. This premier fabric cutter is now foldable for easier storage and is designed to be tough enough to handle the amazing amount of quilting done in quilt shops, fabric craft retail stores as well as the homes of experienced and prolific quilters. As dependable as it is precise, the Studio 2 Fabric Cutter makes quick work of cutting up to 10 layers of fabric for a variety of quilting and fabric arts projects. You can also use your GO! and GO! Baby dies with our Studio 2 Fabric Cutter.


Two Tone Foam™

Below are some die tips when using your new Two Tone™ Studio Dies:

•   Die blades are designed for repetitive cutting.

•   Dies with curved piecing seams feature notches to align fabric easily and effortlessly.

•   Some dies feature specially designed corners to aid in alignment.

•   Threads may remain after cutting with some fabrics. Snip with scissors.

•   For best results, cut with die blades running under the roller at an angle, so they cut like scissors. Die blades should not be parallel to roller.

•   The blades on some die designs are positioned at an angle to the die board. Align fabric to the edge of the die blade and not in line with the edge of the die board.

•   As long as the desired shape is covered, you can use a different size plastic than your die board.

Again, you asked and we delivered. Here at AccuQuilt, we are always in tune to our customers' wants/needs and strive to bring the best customer experience possible. We have some exciting things on the horizon that will make your quilting life easier than ever! Please stay tuned and be prepared for some AccuQuilt innovation!


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