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Nov 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Alex Anderson

I love decorating borders with swag. There’s nothing that adds grace, flair and fancy to a quilt like a curving swag border all around. They can be challenging, but oh so rewarding. You can make a simple quilt look much more complicated, and make a complicated quilt look absolutely smashing!


Cutting swag pieces used to be messy, difficult and time-consuming, but using a die to cut the border pieces makes the job a snap! Every piece is precise and each fits together beautifully.


GO! Swag die


My GO! Swag die actually has two pieces, a 12" crescent, which can be used alone for a simple swag border; and a 12" scalloped swag, which can stand alone for a more elegant look. Or the two can be layered to create a very fanciful, decorative look.

If you want to take it even further, add scattered circles and leaves from my GO! Grapes of Wrath die, for some flora embellishment.


GO! Grapes of Wrath die


Although each swag is a set length, you can stretch or shorten them where they connect, using a yo yo or other decorative motif. The free wall hanging pattern that comes with the die utilizes this technique to make the border swags fit the quilt top perfectly.



GO! Marmalade Swag Quilt

Borders can make or break a quilt. Swag borders used to take time and effort, but now they are much easier and faster to make, and the results are, well, to “die” for!


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Alex Anderson

Written by Alex Anderson

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