Exciting AQ Live Event Update!

Jan 20, 2022 1:00:00 PM / by Cayden Crowise

Quilters, we know just how much you enjoy quilting tutorials! That’s why we’re very excited to announce a wonderful update to our AQ Live events that’s sure to delight! Let’s talk about it!


Register for AccuQuilt Tutorials

I can think of few things more exciting than interactive tutorials for quilting projects!

Starting on January 26th, you will be able to register for AQ Live quilting tutorials on the Events Page.


AccuQuilt GO Big



Why Register for AQ Live Events?

You will receive event reminders, by email, after registering for our fun how-to events. That means you’ll never miss an exciting show with your host, Pam.



Are You Still Giving Away a Door Prize to One Lucky Winner?

Yes, we are!

In fact, you are entered for your chance to win an exciting giveaway when you register for AQ Live – just like our Tuesday shows!

So, be sure to register for your chance to win a prize!


AccuQuilt GO! Qubes



Do I Need to be Present to Win?

No, you don’t.

Just be sure that your information is correct so we can contact you if you win.



So, I Can’t Win an AQ Live Give Away by Sharing the Event on Social Media Anymore?

That’s correct.

Of course, you can still share the event on your social media so your friends and family can join you for all the quilting fun!


AccuQuilt GO! Gift



Has Anything Else Changed for AQ Live Events?

Nope! It’s still the same interactive, how-to series that you know and love - with Pam as your teacher and Emily learning right along with you.

We’re really excited about this change – because it makes it easier for new people in the AccuQuilt community to find the show. This means that Pam and Erica will be able to help even more people in our community – which makes them very happy!



Has Anything Changed for the Tuesday Live Events?

Nope - Tuesday events are still the same.

Register from the events page to receive email reminders and for your chance to win a door prize.


AccuQuilt Live Event Registration



Are You Ready to Register for AQ Live?

We know that change can sometimes be difficult. However, it’s important to all of us at AccuQuilt that everyone can easily gain access to this exceptionally helpful show!

Pam & Emily absolutely adore everyone in the community who joins them each Wednesday, and they look forward to everyone having easy access to the show!


Pam Heller AQ Live Host


Keep your eyes on the Events Page to register for upcoming AQ Live Events. We hope to see you on January 26th!

Do you watch AQ Live Events each Wednesday at noon CST? If so, what’s your favorite part or memory from the show? Please share it with everyone in the comments below!

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