Free Feather Star and Weathervane Quilt Patterns: Let’s Rock the Block

Sep 14, 2021 1:00:00 PM / by Erica Bottger

Fasten your seatbelts! AccuQuilt is rockin’ and rollin’ with two brand new Block on Board (BOB) dies! These dies take classic, complicated blocks and make them accessible for quilters of all skill levels. Let’s dive in!



Weathervane Block History

The Weathervane quilt block was published by the Kansas City Star in 1929, which may be why you often see it made in 1930’s style fabrics.

Breaking apart the block, it’s a nine-patch layout, with 3 basic units. This traditional block is challenging for quilters due to the number of pieces it has. The GO! Weathervane BOB Die makes creating an 8” finished block easy by cutting all those pieces for you on one die board with screen-printed letters on the die to guide you.


Easy Weathervane Quilt Block

Quilters are going to find this die exciting! It includes a pentagon-shaped piece, not found on any other GO! dies.

We've taken out the complicated math that would be involved to calculate the piece measurements for this block because it is a nine patch that finishes at 8”. These sizes are not found within the Qube system – which makes it truly an original.


Free Weathervane Quilt Patterns

Here are just a few of the wonderful free quilt patterns available to download at AccuQuilt using the rockin’ GO! Weathervane Die.


PQ11900 GO Weathervane Baby Quilt_web


GO! Weathervane Baby Quilt Pattern

Talk about a great “remake” – a classic block made fresh and new in the GO! Weathervane Baby Quilt. Fun, sherbet hues flow across this sweet quilt for a really yummy look, perfectly set off by the dark border. Here’s a video with Pam and Erica sharing their tips for making this project.


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PQ11902 GO Azalea Apron_web


GO! Azalea Apron Pattern

Your kitchen will be rockin’, using the GO! Weathervane block a whole new way with this creative apron pattern. Here, the block takes on the look of a flower and becomes useful pockets on this cooking staple.


PQ11903 GO Monochromatic Weathervane Throw Quilt_web


GO! Monochromatic Weathervane Throw Quilt Pattern

The GO! Weathervane block is the shining star of this quilt pattern. While the monochromatic color scheme allows the eye to pick up on secondary designs and the 3-D effect that’s created. 

If pink isn’t your thing, jump onto GO! Quilt and experiment with other color schemes – like shades of GO! green, perhaps?



Feather Star Quilt Block History

Here’s a block star that’s destined to go platinum!

This block dates back to the late 1800’s when the complexity of the block meant only seasoned quilters would attempt it to showcase their skills. Now, with the GO! Feather Star BOB Die, any quilter who can sew a ¼” seam can jump in and make one.


Easy Feather Star Quilt Block

The GO! Feather Star BOB Die creates a stunner of a 16” quilt block. There are a total of 21 pieces on this die board, making the block one few quilters would brave cutting on their own.

The innovative construction of the block means only two inset seams are needed, and specialized dog ears make fitting the pieces together easier than ever.


Free Feather Star Quilt Patterns

Here are some great, free downloadable patterns for this new die that are available at AccuQuilt.

There are many other quilt patterns, so be sure to check them all out!

While you’re there, be sure to download the Block Assembly Directions available on the product pages for step-by-step cutting and sewing directions, plus a coloring page to help you plan your projects! Here’s a sample of what’s available!




GO! Icey Hot Stars Pattern

How’s this for a modern twist on a classic block? This wall hanging shows that even an old classic can rock a bold, new look. Just four blocks are all you need to create this masterpiece!

Be sure to watch this video tutorial with Pam and Erica sharing their tips for making this fun and sassy project.


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GO! Sparkling Star Throw Quilt Pattern

Just one, stunning block is all you need to get started on this eye-catching medallion style quilt. The solid and pieced borders add just the right touch to complement the center star.

This would be a great first project with GO! Feather Star Die.




GO! Fractured Feather Table Runner Pattern

Here’s another great way to highlight just one great GO! Feather Star Block. This GO! Fractured Feather Table Runner is perfect for rockin’ any dinner table.

Make one for every season by experimenting with color using the GO! Quilt program.


Rock the Block and Get Quilting

Are you inspired to start quilting yet? You can find even more free, downloadable patterns at AccuQuilt.

There are so many ways to “rock” these blocks. Both can be huge hits on their own, but can also work well with other BOB dies or Qubes. Set them both on-point to create a whole new tune!

So, how will you rock these new blocks?


Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger