It's Baby Time! Projects to Prepare for Baby

Aug 24, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Erica Bottger

There’s nothing quite like the news of a new baby on the way to send quilters sprinting off to their sewing machines! In fact, many a quilter has been inspired to make their very first quilt to greet a newborn in loving style.

We all know that there are dozens (and dozens!) of things that new parents need to fluff their nest and set the stage for a new baby. Quilts to snuggle under are just one of them!

Here’s a look at some of the projects that I’ve been working on to greet my new grandson.


Flannel Wipes

This has become my go-to shower gift. It's not glamorous, but it's oh so very useful!

Let’s face it, you spend a huge amount of time with babies cleaning them up. So, why not make sure that you’ve got it covered with something cute, safe, AND sustainable.

I like using the GO! Square-6 ½” for this project, because the finished squares will fit nicely in a wipe container once folded in half!




You can finish the edges off with a serger, a zig-zag stitch, or an overlock stitch on your sewing machine.

Pro Tip: To make this step easier, I like to fold each square in quarters and round off the corners so that I can just keep sewing around them without stopping to pivot at the corners.


sewing flannel


As the little ones grow, consider making a second set with the GO! Square-8 ½” - possibly upcycling some outgrown flannel receiving blankets.


Burp Cloths

Here’s the perfect project for any beginning sewist!

AccuQuilt’s GO! Burp Cloth Die makes this a quick and easy project that’s great for personalizing with applique or embroidery. There are so many options here. You may find yourself making more and more of these serviceable items.

You can match a baby’s room décor with fun fabrics, add a classic monogram, or darling applique shapes. The sky’s the limit!


I like using flannel for these, but you could also use terry cloth or cotton. For my most recent set, I opted for a monogram on one side, and a fun print on the other - using all flannels.


Burp Cloth


To assemble your burp cloths, just put the right sides together and stitch around using a ¼” seam. Leave a 2-3” opening on the side.

Turn right side out and press - pressing the seam allowance inside the opening and to a top stitch approx. 1/8” around the outside and you’re done.


burping baby_web



One thing you never seem to have enough of...are bibs. The GO! Bib Die makes it possible to create a stack of them in no time.

This is another great item for personalizing with applique or embroidery, but they are also great for upcycling. I recently made several using men’s shirts on top with terry cloth on the back.

Grab some of dad or grandpa’s old shirts – you know, the ones with frayed collars or cuffs, and put them to great use in this project. I used terry cloth for the back, but you could also use old towels – just be sure that they are not too thick.




Because I was using terry cloth that was thin, I sewed mine with right sides together - leaving an opening for turning on the outside edge by the neck opening.

Just like the burp cloths, I turned them right side out, pressed and edge-stitched them. Be sure to embellish them before sewing them together.

I used plastic snaps for fastening them, but you could also use Velcro.

Do you see the one with the pocket? I cut the pocket off one of the shirts with scissors and stitched it onto the bib front. This handy bib could double as a baby monitor caddy!


Quilt Time!

No quilting grammy can miss the chance to make a quilt for a new baby, and I’m no different!

The moment I knew that this little one was on the way, I started dreaming up a quilt, holding myself at bay until a nursery theme was decided.

I had long been thinking of a quilt using the GO! Isosceles Triangle, and now seemed like the perfect time.


Erin quilt


The expectant mom is a fan of modern symmetry, so I put her to work with designing a layout that she liked before I started sewing.


C sewing


I enlisted the help of baby’s two big brothers in sewing some pieces together.

Not only do I love introducing them to sewing any chance that I can, but I wanted both boys to feel involved with getting ready for their new brother.


J sewing


My little ones love the feel of soft Cuddle Dimple fabric on the back of their quilts. I kept the quilting simple with a “stitch in the ditch” to create a diamond pattern on the back. 

To carry the same soft feel onto the front of the quilt, I did a wrap-around binding that I finished with my sewing machine so it will hold up well to multiple washings.




You can find free, downloadable directions for making basic burp cloths and bibs at

The GO! Perfect Triangles Quilt is similar to the one I made, and it is also available as a free download.

The pillow I created for the rocking chair is Bjorn Bear - a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

I love how he looks wearing glasses. It adds a fun touch of whimsy to the woodland theme for the nursery. Unfinished projects include a coordinating crib skirt and anything else I can dream up to use my scraps!




What are your go-to baby projects?

We hope you’ll share pictures and let us know how you like to prepare for new babies!


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