Breeze Into Fall With a Table Runner

Aug 23, 2022 1:10:00 PM / by Denise Looney

Go big or go home with your next fall table runner...and we are not talking GO! Fabric Cutters this time! (Although, today, I am sharing a project with you that you can use the GO! or GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter for your entire project.) 


Inspiration Is Everywhere

Hey, quilters! Denise Looney here from For the Love of Geese! Living in a rural setting (who am I kidding, I live in the woods), inspiration is all around me - from the wild life that strolls through my yard to the beauties that Mother Nature provides throughout the year. However, you do not have to live in the county for inspiration - you only need to look around you. Inspiration can be found in the city and often times its landscaped square buildings, parks, and parking lots to produce interesting quilts. Do not forget about museums, historical societies, to look above your head, and below your feet for more inspiration - you never know what you may find!


For this project, I was inspired by where I live and from a project I had already made. A few months ago, I remade a table runner for AccuQuilt called GO! Bountiful Gift Table Runner. It is a quick and easy weekend project that you can adapt to your own needs and specifications or make it as is for a beautiful finish. This time around, I modified it a bit to make the "go BIG or go home" table runner for the relaunch of the GO! Deer Head Die



Finished Table Runner on An Old Truck




AccuQuilt Dies Needed


Other Supplies Needed


Cutting Instructions

You may follow the GO! Bountiful Gift Table Runner Pattern or you can make it your own by adding a different block for each end. Here is my version.


1. From the background fabric, cut eight squares using the GO! Square-3 1/2" (3" Finished) Die (Shape 2 in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block).



GO! Square-3 1/2" (3" Finished) Die and GO! Cutting Mat-6" x 6" on the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter



2. From the colored fabric, cut 16 half square triangles using the GO! Half Square Triangle-3" Finished Square Die (Shape 5 in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block).

Fabric Cut with the GO! Half Square Triangle-3" Finished Square Die



3. From the background fabric, cut eight quarter square triangles using the GO! Quarter Square Triangle-6" Finished Square Die (Shape 4 in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block).



Cut Shapes on the GO! Quarter Square Triangle-6" Finished Square Die



4. Cut two squares from the background fabric using the GO! Quarter Square Triangle-6" Finished Square Die (Shape 4 in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block).



Fabric on the GO! Quarter Square Triangle-6" Finished Square Die



5. Once everything is cut, determine which overall layout to use (I chose between the two pictured below). 



Table Runner Layout Option 1
Table Runner Layout Option 2




Block Construction & the Deer Head Shape

Whichever layout you choose, the construction of the block will remain the same with one exception: the direction of your flying geese unit. I always find it helpful when making multiples of the same block to stack the patches in front of me to match the block layout, then chain piece each section.


PRO TIP: You can begin adding your appliqué shapes when you add in sashing and the outer border instead of as you go (like I have noted below).


1. Once you have chosen your side blocks or one of the layouts I suggested, it is time to prepare the deer head shapes (you will need two, one for each side of the table runner). You can do this before sewing the center section together or after. My preference is to attach the deer head prior to constructing the runner.


2. Apply the fusible to the wrong side of the deer head shapes' fabric and allow to cool completely before running through your GO! Fabric Cutter.


3. If you have not done so already, sew all the blocks together and attach the deer head shapes to the designated blocks.


4. If you are embroidering the deer head shapes, stitch your outline stitch. Then, fuse the deer head appliqué shapes inside the guideline following the manufacturer's directions.



Embroidering the Deer Head Applique Shape



5. Let your embroidery machine do the rest or use your preferred embroidery method. 



Close Up of Embroidered Deer Head



Block Construction & the Fall Medley Shapes

The GO! Fall Medley Die can be so versatile! I love that it has shapes for pumpkins, oak leaves, maple leaves, and acorns (or buckeyes before the top pops off), making it perfect for this table runner's design.


PRO TIP: If you like the changing of the landscape's colors from summer to fall, you can change the fabric colors for these leaf shapes because this die isn't limited to autumn colors only. Although, you might refrain from using the pumpkins for spring themed projects. There are other animal dies for that.


1. Follow the GO! Bountiful Gift Table Runner Pattern's directions for the correct number of Fall Medley shapes to cut - or make it your own and cut as many as you like. Just remember to place your fusible onto the wrong side of the fabric and allow everything to cool prior to running the fused fabric through your GO! Fabric Cutter. I am not sure if it really matters, but personally, I do not like that super hot paper on the die foam and I worry that some of the glue may linger in my die.


2. Remove the backing paper from the Fall Medley shapes and play with their placement. Once you are satisfied with the layout, fuse them down following the manufacturer's directions. If it helps, fold the background fabric in half and give it a press to help you locate the center.


3. Attach the appliqué shapes to the quilt blocks.



Close Up of the Fall Medley Shapes in the Table Runner



4. Embroider the Fall Medley shapes if desired (I chose not to).


5. Join the two deer head blocks to each side of the center panel if you have not done so already.


6. The table runner should now look like this:



Sewn Table Runner without Borders Hanging on Denise's AccuQuilt Die Storage Shelves



PRO TIP: You could add "Welcome" inside the pumpkin and leaves border. That section alone would make a beautiful fall mini quilt for your front door to welcome your visitors.



Sashing and Outer Border

1. Cut using the strip dies noted above and detailed in the GO! Bountiful Gift Table Runner Pattern for the sashing and border.


2. Attach the sashing and borders to the table runner.


3. If you did not do so already, once you have the three sections (inner border and two sides) sewn together, add your Deer Head to the center of your side blocks. 



Adding Words

1. Using the GO! Carefree Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Sets, cut out the needed shapes for the phrase, "go BIG or go home." Do not forget to pre-fuse the fabric before cutting!


PRO TIP: You can use any phrase you would like for this table runner.


2. Attach the letters to the table runner and embroider if desired. My table runner is pictured below, along with my dog, Loki!



Sewn Table Runner Pictured with Denise's Dog, Loki



3. Quilt and bind the table runner. It's small enough (23" x 57") to quilt on a domestic or longarm machine. 



Close Up of Quilted Corner of the Table Runner
Close Up of Quilted Center of the Table Runner



4. Enjoy the finished project!



Finished Table Runner Outside




GO! Forth and Create!

Even though this tutorial is for a table runner, the deer head shape would be a great addition to a backpack, the ends of a duffle bag, bibs, baby blankets, a notebook cover using craft foam and glued down, or even on clothing.


You can use this same table runner pattern and utilize all or some of the GO! Game Day Die Bundle dies for embellishment. "Game Day," "Let's Eat," "Let's Chow," or "GO [Your Favorite Sports Team]" are just a few thoughts for those game day parties. Using this as a large wing platter keeps coming to mind. How about a platter runner for turkey day? Make an enlarged leaves quilt to fit any platter for the holidays or for your main dish. The possibilities are truly endless for these patterns!


Just remember that you can make any project even more unique by using GO! Quilt. Add your own fabric swatches or use the colors preloaded and your imagination to make a one-of-kind project or gift!


If you've been inspired to make your own "go BIG or go home" table runner, please share it with us un social media using the hashtag #AccuQuiltBuilt and tag us, @fortheloveofgeese and @AccuQuilt, so we can see what you made!

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