Behind the Seams: 2022 AQS QuiltWeek - Paducah

May 1, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Alyssa Nordmeyer

Hey, AccuQuilters! As you may (or may not) know, AccuQuilt’s Cutting Expert, Pam Heller, traveled to Paducah, KY for the most recent AQS QuiltWeek event. Pam let us know that she had a blast, but she wasn’t the only AccuQuilt team member there!


Who Else Was at AQS QuiltWeek?

In order to film segments that will soon be revealed, Pam was joined in Paducah by Joe Nickolite, AccuQuilt's Event Producer and Live Events Director. Joe is usually behind the seams, but Pam was ready to capture Joe preparing for a great day of filming!



Joe Making Sure That the Camera Is Ready For the Day



Our CEO, Renee Thomas Jacobs, also joined Pam and Joe in Paducah. This was Renee's first AQS QuiltWeek - Paducah event, so she was more than happy to join in the quilting festivities, and take some great pictures to share with us. She even purchased a hand-dyed jacket from Kris Vierra of Quilter On the Run, who has even more stunning projects on her Instagram.



A Quilting Artist Showing Off A Project
Kris Vierra, A Quilting Artist, Wearing A Customized Quilting Project



Quilting Expert Anita Amador and International Educator Sharon Miner also attended the Paducah event. They spent a lot of time at the Quilt in a Day booth to educate quilters on the AccuQuilt system as well as directing them to our training videos and classes to further improve their quilting skills.


Anita and Sharon were soon joined by Renee, Pam, and Joe to make connections and discuss potential ideas for future quilting classes, dies, and more.



Sharon Teaching At the AccuQuilt Booth



Pam stated that the AccuQuilt team has "met so many of our customers! They raved about our product, gave ideas for new dies, and asked great questions on how to use our dies and cutters. They've stopped me in the halls, outside during lunch, and while I was at the Quilt in a Day booth. I love their energy and excitement about our products."


Pam even gave a few impromptu quilting tips and tricks classes!



Pam Educating Quilters About A Quilt On Display
Pam Educating More Quilters



What Else Did They Do?

Along with enjoying the festive energy at the AQS QuiltWeek show, the AccuQuilt team headed to a local quilt museum. Pam let us know all about this fun experience:


"We took a tour of The National Quilt Museum with Becky. She’s the Director of Education and very knowledgeable about the quilts and the museum. Joe took some fabulous videos of the quilts on display, and we learned so much about different techniques that quilters use to make their quilts. 



Joe and Pam Conducting An Artist Interview
Pam and Joe Conducting Another Artist Interview



Pam and Joe also conducted quilting artist interviews, with Renee joining them for even more behind the seams action. "We met with Rose, who is a fiber artist, and has a completely different perspective of quilting.”


"Our day on Thursday was filled with meeting artists whose quilts won awards at the show," said Pam. "Each artist has a unique way to make their quilts and they were so happy to talk with us. On Friday, we toured a quilt gallery and met the quilters from the Gees Bend group. [They] invited us to a local fish fry before we [met]!”


While they were definitely busy, the AccuQuilt team did take the time to have meal breaks and take other fun pictures.



Taking A Break For Lunch
Pam Posing As Wonder Woman



Paducah Takeaway

Pam summarized their Paducah trip well, "My takeaway is this: Quilters are a community, and they’ve wanted to be together for these past two years during the pandemic. It was great to share ideas and our passion for quilting.”


The AccuQuilt team definitely agrees with this sentiment, and based on the great conversations during our live events, we'd say that many quilters also agree!


Pam and Erica are sharing Paducah’s wonderful quilting community with you in two thrilling, FREE live events! Join us on May 5th & 6th, 2022 at 12:00PM CDT to experience Paducah in a whole new way!


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Alyssa Nordmeyer

Written by Alyssa Nordmeyer

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