Create a Fun Table Runner using the GO! Cleopatra's Fan Die

Nov 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Mona Phelps

Hi - this is Mona Phelps with Kentucky Whittaker Creations. Today, I’m going to share a fun table runner pattern with you using one of AccuQuilt’s Block on Board® (BOB®) dies.



I have been sewing and quilting for about two years now. I’ve realized during this time that I am drawn to intricate designs but I am not a fan of cutting fabric. If a pattern calls for something other than straight-line cuts, I will most likely avoid it. Thankfully, I came across AccuQuilt and their wonderful fabric cutting system. A whole new world has been opened to me with their dies which offer precision cutting for a multitude of shapes and sizes.

The GO! Cleopatra's Fan-12" Finished die is amazing. This traditional block cuts the individual pieces with specialized dog-ears, matching notches on curved seams, and the screen printed letters on the die make for easier alignment and piecing.

55490-cleopatra-packagingAs with all of AccuQuilt’s dies, a pattern is included with the die using three fabric colors. This table runner also uses three colors; however, two of the blocks are the same.


Fabric Requirements:

  • Fabric A—1¼ yards (white)
  • Fabric B—½  yard (gray)
  • Fabric C—¾ yard (purple)
  • Backing fabric—1½ yards
  • Batting


Note: When cutting your fabric, make sure you layer right sides together. You want your pieces to mirror each other.

Using your GO! Cleopatra's Fan-12" Finished die, cut the following pieces:




You’ll also need to cut the following:

Fabric A

  • Cut 5—13” squares
  • Subcut 4 of these in half via the diagonal

  • Subcut 1 of these into 4 triangles

Block Assembly

Hints when sewing the blocks:

  • Make sure you line up the notches.
  • It helps to lay out your fabrics as they will go in the block.
  • Take your time. I’ve found that the slower you go when sewing curved seams, the fewer mistakes you make.
  • Don’t pull or stretch your fabric. It will warp the shape of your final block.
  • Starch is your friend!


Using the instructions included with the die, assemble the following blocks:


1—Block 1


2—Block 2


Square the blocks to 12½”.


Final Assembly

Sew together as per the diagram below:


Finally, quilt and attach binding.

Here is my finished table runner.



Thank you for checking out the new die!


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