How to Cut Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® with AccuQuilt

Aug 15, 2019 8:03:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

There's nothing quite like the soft and cuddly feel of Shannon Fabrics' Cuddle®, but it can be a little challenging to cut in your fabric cutter. Today, we're sharing thoroughly tested tips to cut minky fabric on AccuQuilt cutters, plus a bonus cute pillow pattern perfect for your first project. Plus, Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® line is now featured in AccuQuilt’s FREE pattern customizer, GO! Quilt so it's easier than ever to see your favorite pattern in Shannon Fabrics before you buy. Be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements, including Shannon Fabrics sponsorship in AccuQuilt’s Annual Quilt Block Contest.


Start building your GO! Quilt stash with the preloaded Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® line by clicking here!


The adorable GO! Airplane Pillows Pattern (PQ11550) is just perfect for your favorite little aspiring pilot or car enthusiast. If you’ve wanted to give Shannon Fabrics’ Cuddle® fabric line a try, this pattern is a great starting point. Below are some things to consider before beginning. If you already love using Shannon Fabrics in your AccuQuilt fabric cutter, share your Cuddle® fabric tips with us in the comments!




Dies used in this pattern: 


Cutting Cuddle® with AccuQuilt


Know Your Layers

AccuQuilt fabric cutters can cut up to 6 layers of cotton fabric in one pass, which is amazingly helpful when piecing and appliquéing quilts. However, Cuddle® fabric is a little thicker. We recommend no more than 1-2 layers at a time with fusible equating to half a layer. This will ensure you get the most accurate and clean cut shapes, including those difficult to rotary cut areas like the support bars or propellors in the bi-plane or rounded wheels of the car.


Cutting Mat 101

AccuQuilt fabric cutters and dies are designed to never need sharpening. Because the blades sit beneath the foam, they are protected from wear and tear. Fabric fraying or inaccurate cuts are attributed to an old or worn cutting mat. While you can’t prevent a cutting mat from the wear, you can extend its life by turning and flipping it between cuts. This will ensure the same areas aren’t always used.




Secret Weapons

One of the best features of Shannon Fabrics’ Cuddle® fabric is its fray-resistance. Unfortunately, it’s soft and cuddly feel can mean slipping on die boards. Luckily, there are fairly simple ways to overcome the challenge. You can fuse your fabric before running it through your fabric cutter, which will provide some additional stability to the fabric. If you prefer to fuse after, place a piece of wax paper between the cutting mat and fabric to decrease movement.


For more tips on appliqué with Shannon Fabrics Cuddle®, click here. For more tips on working with Cuddle® fabric over all, click here.


GO! Airplane Pillows Pattern

Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassador, Gayle Camargo, created these sweet and soft pillows using Cuddle® minky fabrics and the GO! Airplanes Limited Edition (55366), GO! Cute Car (55354), GO! Funky Flowers (55042) and GO! Strip Cutter- 2½” (2” Finished) 3 Strips (55014 or 55017) dies. These pillows are 12” x 12” finished, which is just so perfect for nap time or to accent a toddler bed.




If you love these pillows, make a whole bedroom set with the GO! Up in the Clouds Quilt Pattern (PQ11545) or GO! Beep Beep Quilt Pattern (PQ10272). See how both patterns will look in Shannon Fabrics using the FREE GO! Quilt pattern customizer.


Click here for GO! Up in the Clouds or click here to try GO! Beep Beep!


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