The Dog Days of Summer: Dog Appreciation Day

Aug 25, 2020 11:54:46 AM / by AccuQuilt

Quilters love making quilts to share with family and friends to celebrate births, holidays, weddings and other landmark occasions, but do they make quilts for their pets? The answer is a resounding yes! In celebration of National Dog Appreciation Day tomorrow, here is the story of just such a quilt. Be sure to look at the entire post because we also gave you a look at what the dogs of AccuQuilt/TekBrands are up to!


The quilter is our friend Reva, Special Events & Education Sales Manager for our retail partner in the greater Seattle area, Quality Sewing & Vacuum. Reva made this adorable quilt called “Finding the Right Tree” by Holly Mabutas of Eat Cake Graphics. Here’s her story!


I saw this pattern and it gave me such a giggle. I just knew it would be a perfectly fun and silly thing to make for our new puppy. It was also a great project to take to a quilt retreat with my friends.

Not being “yet” a quilter, the appliqué was new for me, as was the piecing of the pinwheels. Yes, there was a bit of apprehension in the back of my mind.

Thankfully, one of my friends had brought her GO! Baby along with her and offered to let me use it for the pinwheel units. 

I must say, I was excited at the idea of anything to make this new prospect of quilting easier! It took no time at all to cut the needed pieces. To my great delight, all of the pieces were the same size and all of the tips of the triangles were trimmed off making the alignment easy for sewing and resulted in a clean finished product with no trimming or clean up necessary.

Prior to this experience, I really did not understand what made the GO system so desirable to quilters. Now I understand!  Immediately following the retreat I purchased a GO! Baby for myself. I am happy to say that I have since graduated to the GO! Big and reserve my smaller cutter for retreats and travel. 

With the time saved and accuracy gained, I wholeheartedly feel that the purchase of the GO! Big and the GO! Qube system to be the best addition to my sewing and quilting endeavors ever made!


finding the right tree2rotated


The Dogs of AccuQuilt & TekBrands

To further celebrate the day, we wanted to salute “The Dogs of AccuQuilt” and share how they have been enjoying their summer, especially with having their humans working from home so much!


Ruby’s a new addition to the family, but she’s already figured out how to work from home and find the best quilts! Wrigley’s been kept busy watching over Ruby. Their human mom is Joy, TekBrands Chief of Staff.



eCommerce Marketing Specialist Lacey says that Ozzie has been staying cool in the AC, but misses playing with his friends and is rather vocal about it!



Amanda C is our Customer Experience Supervisor – and Chief Dog Lover! She reports that Odie Michael has been enjoying camping and fishing when it isn’t too hot, while BellaRae has been dreaming of snow and wishing winter would hurry up. Nala Marie loves her early morning boat rides to supervise all the ducks on the lake, but Snoopy Snoop has been having temper tantrums when it’s too hot for his long walks.

Amanda C Collage in order


Macy’s been keeping Product Merchandizing Specialist, Lauren busy taking pictures while she poses on the boat, plays by the lake and takes her walks.

Macy Collage


Edison’s mom is Elle, our Forecast & Demand Planning Analyst, who recently joined our team. Edison’s enjoyed being spoiled with walks and stealing socks, while staring longingly at all the food his people are eating.



This dapper fellow is Rocky, who’s enjoyed roasting in the sun and taking walks with Amanda R, AccuCut’s Marketing Manager.



Watching his humans work from home has worn out Riley this summer. He thinks Corporate Marketing Specialist, Erica needs supervision at all times.



Oxford, or Ox for short, is almost two so he's loved having his humans home this summer since it makes for a lot more time to run with his best dog friend next door and play impromptu games of tug with his parents. Marissa, his mom and AccuQuilt's Marketing Content Manager even took him on his first road trip to the Rocky Mountains!



Emmy is loving those days where she can bask in the sun, especially with two little humans and both her parents around more to throw her tennis ball. Jill, AccuQuilt's Art Director admits that her favorite toy is really just her stick which is just so fun to chew!



Rex's mom, Joyce TekBrand's Sales and Consumer Experience Specialist has been busily creating masks all summer. He wonders if the mask making will ever stop. 



What have your dogs been up to? We’d love to see pictures of how they are celebrating their special day – and their favorite quilts, too!




Written by AccuQuilt

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