Deck the Halls with a Festive Christmas Table Topper Tutorial

Oct 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi it's Bea from and I'm here to show you a fun and simple table topper made from the GO! Qube™ Mix and Match 10" Block. It's 20" x 20" finished.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? It's only three months away!!

As quilters we all know the holidays get very busy, it seems like once my kids start school, I blink and it's Thanksgiving and then Christmas!




Plus, the GO! Holiday Medley die and the embroidery files that goes with it by Marjorie (and stabilizer for embroidery machine). I started off with this sketch on my electric quilt (EQ8) design software.

TIp: If you don't have access to an embroidery machine you may want to look at Heat-N-Bond Lite to adhere your appliqués to your quilt. 



I used about 1/2 yard white and 1/4 yard green and red fabric. Plus, more of the green for the Christmas trees.



I started with the biggest shapes, but I suggest cutting as much as you can from each strip.

Here's what I cut out in number order:

(12) of #2 in white

Eight (8) of #3 in white

Eight (8) of #5 in white

Four (4) of #11.1 in white

Four (4) of #12.1 in red

Four right and four wide (4R +4W) of #14 in white

Four (4) of #15 in red

Eight (8) of #16 in green

From there, I sewed everything together into block sections. I tried to sew as much together as possible in one sitting before ironing the seams. The #11.1 and 12.1 bow tie shapes, #14 and 15 kite and triangles and #16 with corner #5 white triangles.



then adding white #3 triangles to the long edge of the #16 trapezoids.

I then sewed the #2 squares together to make the bowtie block sections and finish the kite blocks



and finish the bowtie block sections.



Then I sewed 4 identical sections as seen below.



Then sewed the top together as shown in the picture below. 



In scraps of green fabric, I cut out four squares to fit the Christmas tree on the holiday medley die and added Steam-A-Seam Lite onto the back of the fabric. I cut out four trees next.




I prepped the back of the quilt top by adding interfacing over the middle white center (on point).



Then I prepped a 5 x 7 hoop and marked the centers on both the stabilizer in the hoop and on the quilt, I used the five-inch seam as my center which worked well.



Here's where the tree is placed after I did the outline stitching.



Here's four identical Christmas trees all embroidered on the top!



I quilted a tight filler design around the trees and simple lines on the rest.



Here's what the table topper looks like on my dining room table. I added the same green binding as the trapezoids.



This makes a great stocking stuffer or perfect for holiday decorating.

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Bea Lee

Written by Bea Lee