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Oct 15, 2020 8:15:00 AM / by Erica Bottger

Whether it’s an unexpected party invitation, an unreported school activity or a last minute change of heart, the need for last minute costumes comes up more often than you might think! Just like in quilting, AccuQuilt dies can help make costume making fast and easy!


PQ11671-GO! BOO Halloween Table RunnerBLOG

Featured Pattern: GO! Boo Halloween Table Runner Pattern (PQ11671)


Felt, fleece and tulle are your go-to fabrics for quick costumes. Don’t let that stop you from using your dies, however, just remember to adjust the layers that you are cutting with thicker fabrics. It’s always best to start with just 1 layer of thick fabrics like felt and fleece.


Strip Cutter Dies

For starters, let’s see how many ideas we can come up with using strip cutter dies!


Mummy: Cut strips of fabric to sew to an inexpensive white sweatshirt and pants to wrap up this costume in no time.


Waldo: You can find Waldo in a crowd by his red and white strips. Create your own Waldo shirt in a flash with a white t-shirt with red strips added for quick stripes!


Hogwarts Student: Whip up a quick striped scarf in your student’s “house colors” with fleece or felt to top off a basic white shirt, sweater and slacks or a skirt to complete a Hogwarts school uniform.


TuTu: Tulle strips tied to an elastic waistband creates a tutu in no time. Use this to create a quick costume for a ballerina, a fairy and more!


Hula Skirt: Much like a tulle tutu, use strips of cotton to create a quick and easy hula skirt for a quick costume variation.


Bumble Bee: Use a strip die to add some wide yellow stripes to a black shirt or sweatshirt. Attach some antennae to a headband and your bee will be ready to buzz!


Geometrics & Applique Dies

The internet if full of fun, easy costume ideas to choose from. Don’t forget various die shapes when considering possible creations!


Strawberry: Make the cutest strawberry costume ever by attaching felt “seeds” cut with the GO! Feathers (55008) attached to a red shirt or dress with green felt leaves around the neck cut with the GO! Orange Peel (55455) or GO! Crazy Petals (55326) - depending on the size of your berry. Some green pants or leggings can complete the look. Attached some “leaves” to a headband for a quick headpiece.


Dragon: Think about a triangle die for some felt spikes attached to a hoodie to create a dragon? Check the GO! Triangle – Isosceles (55016).


Mermaid: Create scales for a cute mermaid tail in flash with a circle die! You’ll cut perfect circles in no time, then just cut them in half and attach to the costume. This would be a great way to create fish scales as well.


Think about some basic applique shapes – time consuming cutting made easy with dies like GO! Stars (55028) for superhero costume or a witchy robe? Consider GO! Queen of Hearts (55325) for, well, the Queen of Hearts? Don’t forget the GO! Classic 2” Alphabet Uppercase Set (55559) to add names or words to costumes as well!


Get Inspired by Others!

We know that once you start looking at GO! dies with costumes in mind, you’ll come up with even more creative ideas!



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