20 Reasons the AccuQuilt GO! Baby will Keep You On the GO!

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The AccuQuit GO! Baby-The Perfect Travel Companion

The AccuQuilt GO! Baby may be small but it's mighty. It's mighty accurate, mighty quick and definitely mighty portable. If you are looking for a light-weight fabric cutter that can be moved from room to room, taken to classes, or even travel in an RV, the AccuQuilt GO! Baby is for you! Read what our customers are saying about the AccuQuilt GO! Baby and watch the video below to find out more. 

AccuQuilt GO


Here's What Our Customers Say About the AccuQuilt GO ! Baby!


Love This

I absolutely love this little machine. It's so portable and easy to use, it also has made quilting so much faster since the machine is doing the cutting and everything is exactly the same size.



My GO! Baby

I bought one of these a few years ago. I use it in my fabric studio and for teaching classes. I like the fact that I get uniformed cuts of my fabric every time I use it. It definitely saves time. Way to go Accuquilt!!



Love the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter!

The Baby Go Cutter is wonderful & compact. It takes up less space for storing. You can take it on a trip or to class with you. I like that it has most of the shapes in the cutter dies. It is perfect for my needs.



Handy Portable Tool

I purchased this cutter several years ago to do a Rose of Sharon applique quilt, sadly still waiting to be finished. It does make cutting out the applique shapes much more accurate than by hand and considerably faster. I have been using my Accuquilt Go Baby lately to take to charity quilting days and the size is great for portability; I have purchased several dies that work wonderfully with it and can quickly cut out what I need for my charity quilts.



Baby GO! Set Quick and Easy

The Baby Accuquilt Go! makes it easy to take with you to quilting functions when you need to cut your fabric quickly and accurately. So Nice!!!



Love It

The portability is great for classes or to bring to moms house. Great little machine if you can't carry your studio machine under your arm. Love the little machine.



Handy On- the- GO

Picked this up to take along to classes or up north. This little unit surprised me. It is solid, doesn't slide around and does the job. Portable, space saving in class, and lightweight. I would recommend it.



Truly Portable

I love that this little Accuquilt GO Baby machine is so lightweight and takes up so little space. It's easy to take it anywhere - no electricity needed - and get perfect cuts. I've been using mine with the smaller dies to use up all the scraps that have accumulated in the sewing room to use in scrap quilts. I loved it so much that I upgraded to the Studio 2 cutter for bigger projects at home and plan to keep the GO! Baby for traveling and classes. I can't get anywhere near the accuracy with scissors or rotary cutters - my hands give out far to quickly. With a little planning, there is very little waste of fabric. It's so simple my kids can use it too (I'm raising future quilters here.) With just a little supervision/instruction, I don't have to worry they will cut themselves (honestly, I worry about myself and my own fingers too when rotary cutting!)



Compact, Precise, Simply Awesome!

The compact size is perfect not only for my small crafting room, but also the ease in mobility. Ideal for retreats, no muss, no fuss. The ease of its use was an important factor in my decision to purchase the Accuquilt Go products.



Believe the Hype

This is the first time in a LONG time that something I bought lived up to all the hype. So simple to use that by watching videos on YouTube allowed me to use it straight out of the box. I always made excuses why quilting wasn\'t \'for me,\' but in reality, it was because I don\'t have the patience to cut for hours...and PRECISE cutting? Not happening. Til now. I cut all the pieces for the 36\" x 36\" quilt piece from the small value die set in around 15 minutes. It took FAR longer to sew. And it LOOKS GOOD. The go! baby is my test cutter, as well as what I have on the road with me. I will be buying the next size up for home use, so I can use some of the larger dies.



Great Product

Love the smaller size of this product. Makes much easier to tote around as we travel for my hubby's job. Now I can take this one!



So Much Fun and Convenient!

I had the opportunity to quilt with my friends one weekend and no time prior to cut up my fabric. This little tool was a God-send and allowed me to sit and chat with my friends AND cut my block pieces wihout having to focus too much on what I was doing, and not have to pack or transport, setup and use a rotary ruler and cutting mat -- and in much, much less time. To have precise cuts without mistakes and to save your wrists and back! Halleluia! I also have the regular Go Cutter but I reserve that for "power cutting" at home..... because I'm worth it - yeeessssssssss!



Love It

Love the GO Baby, space saving easy to carry around and take over to my moms when we so together. I really love this product.




I purchased this die as an addition to my sewing room. I have a larger die cutter in another room for cutting strips and cross-cutting them once sewn together. I was running myself back and forth for small quantities of cutting. The compact design fits easily on my big board ironing board and the dies run through very smoothly. Will be recommending this product to others.



Studio Owner Bought a GO! Baby

I am fortunate to have a quilting room and a sewing room albeit on two different floors of my house. My studio cutter is in the quilting room and I make good use of it. However there are times when I'm in the sewing room and I need to make a few cuts. When the Accuquilt Go Baby went on sale I purchased it along with some dies and the studio adapter. Now I don't need to climb the stairs for a small job and my studio die library has expanded to include the go dies too. The Baby is cute, fits in a cabinet when sleeping and does the same quality of work as her big Momma.



I love My GO! Baby

This is such a great machine for helping anyone to cut out their pieces for quilting and applique. I have cut out my pieces and package as a kit, then when I'm ready to sew it up it is all ready for me. It saves alot of time and energy. Easy to use, takes up little space and can travel with me anywhere.. Love it.



GO! Baby

I love my Accuquilt GO! Baby. It is very handy to travel to classes with and my granddaughters are hooked, as well!



How Did I Live Without It?

My Accuquilt GO Baby machine fits perfectly in my RV. I can cut perfect pieces wherever I go. Thanks Accuquilt.



Learning to Share

I love taking my Accuquilt GO! Baby to quilt class. Only, everyone else wants to use it and I wind up sharing it all the time. Isn't it time everyone else gets one, too? I love it!



We Love the GO! Baby

I finally gave my AccuQuilt GO Baby to my granddaughter and bought the GO! Big. The Accuquilt Go Baby is so portable that she brings it to grandma's house when we quilt together. It's the perfect portable, grandaughter machine!












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