The Best Fusibles for your Fabric Cutting Machine

May 4, 2017 5:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Guess No More! Here's are two of the best fusibles to use with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Machine!

Have you ever found yourself standing at the fabric store, eyes glazed, completely overwhelmed with the choices of fusible webs in front of you? I think we’ve all been there. How do you know which one to choose?

Different fusible webs are good for different projects. Here are a couple of excellent choices for regular-weight quilt applique and another for heavy-duty fabric crafting. 

SoftFuse PREMIUM Paperbacked Fusible Web


Fabric Cutting Machine


Shades Textiles Soft Fuse Premium Web is a paper-backed fusible web for machine or hand applique. Soft Fuse Premium is so soft that needles, both hand and machine, just glide right through. Just draw on the paper side, roughly cut out the shapes and fuse to the applique. It is so very thin and light, that the applique fabric stiffens only slightly--it still folds or drapes like cloth.

Soft Fuse Premium is available in convenient 3 yard rolls. 

See a quilt made using fusible web and the GO! Calico Cat Cutting Die.


Fabric Cutting Machine


 Fast2fuse Fusible Webbing


Fabric Cutting Machine


 Fast2fuse Double-Sided Heavyweight Fusible is our recommendation, for projects which require a stiffer interfacing. We’ll tell you why.

Fast2fuse is a double-sided, stiff interfacing that holds its shape very well, which means it helps your project hold its shape just as well. Because of its stiffness, it provides excellent support. It’s also super flexible, so things like graceful curves are like a dream to work with. It can also be folded, pinched, and manipulated any which way, and holds up.

Fast2fuse is also quite dense. It has the strength you need for durability, and won’t compress when sewn, once again helping your pieces hold their shape.

It’s fusible on both sides, so you can attach it to the fabric, use your fabric cutting machine to cut it, and leave the paper backing on until you’re ready to place your pieces. Plus, it eliminates the need for messy spray adhesive.


How to use Fast2fuse

This fusible webbing is compatible with all our GO! fabric cutting machines, which means it can help you speed up the cutting process for your projects.

Here’s how it works.

  • Stick your Fast2fuse web onto your piece of fabric, leaving the paper backing on.
  • Then place the fabric and fusible web on top of the die you want to use, and put the cutting mat on top.
  • Run it through the cutting system and that’s it.


Now your fabric and fusible are both cut, are the exact same size, and ready to go. Pretty sweet, huh?

Oh, and don’t forget to leave the paper backing on until you’re ready to place your cut out pieces.

Fast2fuse web is ideal for fabric bowls, boxes, and vases. It adds stability to purses, totes, or bags, and can help with clothing items like hats.


Fabric Cutting Machine

Free GO! Qube Patchwork Portfolio Pattern


Fabric Cutting Machine

Free GO! Simple Snowflake Ornament Pattern


I’m sure you can tell we’re fans of the product. And we think you will be too.

Now, which fusible web to use with your applique or craft projects is no longer a mystery. So, go grab a sheet or two of Fast2fuse or a roll of SoftFuse Premium and start planning your next project. We’re sure it will go quickly and smoothly with these fabulous fusible webs as part of it.

And make sure to show us your finish projects. We love to see what you’re making.

If you have any questions about GO! fabric cutting machines, fusible web, or any of our other products, visit our FAQ page or call our customer service department at 888-258-7913.

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