4 Ways to Store Your AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter

May 3, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Now that you’ve fallen in love with your AccuQuilt fabric die cutter, you’ll want to keep it working perfectly so you never have to go back to cutting by hand again. The best way to ensure this is to handle, transport, and store your cutter with care. If you’re not using your cutter every day, or if you like a pristine studio in between quilting sessions, you will at some point need to store your cutter.

Here are some tips on the best methods for storage and if there’s anything you shouldn’t do when storing your die cutter.


1. Store your cutter where you work.


The AccuQuilt Go! Baby, Go! and Go! Big are all designed to fold open, and must be laid on a flat surface for use. The first option is to store your cutter this way, right where you work. This means you’ll always have it ready to go.


2. Store your cutter out of site.

If there are longer periods of time between use, or if you have a multi-use room that you use for quilting, you may want to store your cutter out of sight. In this case, keep it closed and in an upright position. This helps prevent dust and dirt from getting in your machine.

It’s also smart to regularly clean your fabric cutter while in storage for extended periods of time. You can use canned air to gently blow dust off your cutter, or a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe it clean. If you have the GO! Big, which is electric, it’s best to unplug the machine while not in use.


3. Store your cutter in a safe place.

Many users prefer to keep their cutter on a shelf such as a bookshelf, in a cabinet, or on a desk. It doesn’t matter where you store your cutter, as long as it’s in a safe place that is clean, dry, and out of the way. If you have small children or pets in your home, it’s a good idea to put your cutter out of their reach to prevent accidents, bumps, or spills.


4. Store your cutter in a storage tote.

We offer two storage totes for our cutters: the GO! Fabric Cutter Tote & Die Bag and the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Tote.

Fabric Cutting Machine 2

The GO! Fabric Cutter Tote accommodates our Go! and Go! Big fabric cutters. This lightweight, sturdy rolling tote has two straps inside to secure your cutter, a large pocket for dies, fabric, and other accessories.

Fabric Cutting Machine 3

This versatile tote can also accommodate a standard sewing machine instead of your fabric cutter. This tote makes traveling with your cutter a breeze, and is perfect for safe storage at home as well. This awesome travel and storage tote is available in classic black or Go! Green. Learn more about the GO! Fabric Cutter Tote & Die Bag, or watch this video.



The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Tote is a cute hand bag style tote that comes in a bright pink and green color scheme. It perfectly fits our GO! Baby Fabric Cutter. It features a removable interior wall, take-away zippered pouch, and multiple accessory pockets. Perfectly portable and stylish, this tote is a great option for storing and transporting your Go! Baby Fabric cutter or even just accessories, fabric, or smaller dies.


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