AccuQuilt Block Of The Week By Eleanor Burns: Block #9

Oct 28, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Ninth Block of the Week by Eleanor Burns

Old Maid’s Puzzle is Ultra Versatile – Let Eleanor Burns and AccuQuilt GO! Lead the Way


Eleanor Burns


This week’s block of the week is the Old Maid’s Puzzle. While the name is a puzzle, this super versatile pattern isn’t. It’s a straight-forward design that’s great for mixing and matching. It lets you get creative by playing with shapes and colors to make something new.

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Eleanor’s Tips for the Old Maid’s Puzzle

Eleanor likes the Old Maid’s Puzzle block for secondary patterns. She suggests using your AccuQuilt fabric cutter to cut the blocks right sides together so it’s simple to piece them. Squares in the corners and smaller piece triangles must be cut right sides together, too, so they’re done when opened.

Forget FOMO - Binge Watch AccuQuilt’s Quilt Block of the Week on YouTube

Have you heard of FOMO? It’s the Fear Of Missing Out. You sure won’t want to miss a single episode of our Block of the Week series. Never fear, we’ve made it easy to catch up as we have all our videos on YouTube and on the block pattern pages. You don’t want to miss this series because by the end of the 12 weeks you’ll not just have a good understanding of all 12 quilt blocks, you’ll also have your own sampler quilt. Each video is less than 15 minutes long so you can settle in and binge watch them all to get caught up in a flash.

This is week 9 of 12. So far we’ve learned: Double 4-Patch, Uneven 9-Patch, Clay’s Choice, Dutchman’s Puzzle, Simplicity, Trellis, School Girl’s Puzzle Number 2, Susannah and this week’s Old Maid’s Puzzle.

Spend Saturdays Quilting with Eleanor Burns

Quilting guru Eleanor Burns is a true quilting celebrity. She has a bounty of quilting tips, tricks, and information that she loves to share. Maybe best of all, Eleanor is warm, engaging and has a way of making even complicated blocks seem easy. She and AccuQuilt’s Lynn Gibney walk you through the quilting blocks sharing tips and tricks along the way.


Eleanor Burns


Each Saturday from 9/2 through 11/18 on we post our block of the week pattern for free. Check out this week’s Old Maid’s Puzzle block now, it’s super short and sweet. After you’ve downloaded your free pattern, watch the short, sweet and informational video featuring Eleanor Burns and Lynn Gibney that you can find on the same page as the pattern. Also, be sure to sign up to get emails and check regularly for more features.

IRL the Block of the Week

Here’s another new one: IRL. In Real Life. So, if you’re feeling more social than social media, you’re in luck! Head over to one of our favorite local quilt shops that have partnered with us to offer this series in their stores. If you’d rather spend time “in real life” with other like-minded quilters than in front of your computer, this is perfect for you. Signature Dealers can be located here.


Eleanor Burns


You can also find this week’s Old Maid’s Puzzle Block of the Week pattern in Eleanor’s book, “GO! Qube by Eleanor Burns.” It’s free with the purchase of a GO! Qube Mix and Match Block.

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Eleanor Burns


Here at AccuQuilt we take the guesswork out of cutting perfect fabric shapes, so you can spend more time quilting.


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