How to Fussy Cut and Make an I-Spy Quilt with the AccuQuilt GO! Circle Die and Machine Embroidery Applique

Jan 15, 2018 12:00:00 AM / by Marjorie Busby

Making perfect circles couldn’t be easier with the AccuQuilt GO! Circle die and my embroidery machine. Hi, it’s Marjorie Busby from, and I’ve been having fun making ISpy quilts with the Circle die, 6” Qube Mix & Match Set, and my embroidery machine.Quilters collect many fun novelty fabrics because we see designs that inspire us to make a quilt for someone we love. Ispy quilts are also lots of fun for adults because that someone is not always a child. For this quilt, I used a Thomas the Train Print by Gullane (Thomas) Limited, designed for Quilting Treasures. With a new grandchild on the way, this was the perfect time to make a train quilt.


Supplies you will need:

AccuQuilt GO! QUBE 6” Mix and Match Set



AccuQuilt GO! 2-3-5” Circle Die (55012)

AccuQuilt GO! 2-3-5” Circle Die Machine Embroidery Designs by Marjorie Busby

AccuQuilt GO! Susannah block pattern from the AccuQuilt 72 block ebook

Fabric Yardages:

Dark Blue Fabric – 3 yards

Novelty Fabric – depends on the way motifs are cut

Light Colored Fabric – ½ yard

Batting: (I used Warm and White by the Warm Company)

Lite Steam-A-Seam2 fusible for shapes

Stabilizer for machine embroidery. For this project, a soft, lightweight tearaway stabilizer is a good choice.

Embroidery machine and 6 x 6” (130 x 130 mm) or larger embroidery hoop

Centering Ruler (optional)

Cutting mat and rotary cutter

Mini Iron (optional)

Coordinating thread for the machine embroidery, coordinating thread for sewing the blocks together


Make the machine embroidery:

First, we need to talk about using a die cutter to fussy cut the fabric for machine embroidery appliqué.


1. Prepare the fusible for fussy cutting: Cut the shape you want out of cardstock. In this case, I cut the large circle with the AccuQuilt GO! die from green cardstock paper. Cut fusible web squares that are ¼” larger than the largest dimension of the shape to be cut. Use a pencil or marker to trace the shape to be cut onto the paper of the fusible web.




2. Place the fabric, wrong side facing up, on a flat ironing surface. You will be able to see the pattern of the fabric on the wrong side. Place the fusible square so that it and particularly, the traced shape on the fusible, is on top of the part of the fabric you want in your applique. Hold the fusible in place and fuse to the fabric.




3. Trim the fabric attached to the fusible so that it can be cut with the die. Use scissors to trim the fabric edge up against the fusible paper.




4. Fussy cut the fabric shape with the die. Place the fabric that has been prepared with the fusible web with paper attached over the die blades, carefully place the mat over the fabric to hold it in place and cut.





5. Complete the machine embroidery.

For this quilt, the machine embroidery is easy and straightforward. There are a variety of appliqué edge stitches contained within this set so that one can choose a stitch that suits the appliqué including everything from a simple blanket stitch to a range of motif stitches to a satin stitch.

Each design stitches a placement stitch first, then the appliqué shape is placed just inside or on top of the placement stitches. When the appliqué shape is set, the embroidery hoop is remounted onto the machine and the tack down and appliqué stitches are finished. All of the instructions are included in the machine embroidery set.

This video gives instructions for machine embroidery appliqué using the AccuQuilt GO! appliqué dies,




Make the connector blocks.

The connector block used in this quilt is the Susannah block from the AccuQuilt 72 block ebook.

This diagram shows the block and the Shapes that are used for the connector block from the QUBE 12” Mix and Match Set. The number of shapes to cut are shown in the chart below.




Make 12 Susannah Blocks:

Complete instructions for the construction of these blocks is shown in the AccuQuilt 72 block ebook. A diagram of the construction is shown below. The center unit is completed first. Then the shapes are sewn as three rows and then the three rows are joined to complete the block.



Shape and Finished Size

# to Cut

Blue Fabric


Shape 1

3” Square


Shape 2

1-1/2” Square


Shape 6

Square on Point


Shape 8

1-1/2 x 3” Rectangle


8” Background Square for Embroidery

6-1/2” cut/6” Finished


Light Fabric


Shape 2

1-1/2” Square


Shape 5

1-1/2” Half Square Triangle


Novelty Fabric


Circle Die 55012

5” Circle


Border 1 (Pieced)

Pieces included in cutting instructions above

Border 2 (Blue)


Strip Die 55017 or 55014

2-1/2” x 33-1/2”

2-1/2” x 37-1/2”

Cut 2 of each

(4 total)

Border 3 (Border Print)


Strip Die 3-1/2” Die 55032

3-1/2” x 37-1/2” Cut 4


Border 4 (Blue)


Strip Die 55017 or 55014

2-1/2” x 43-1/2”

2-1/2” x 47-1/2”

Cut 2 of each

(4 total)

Binding (Blue)


Strip Die 55017 or 55014

2-1/2” x WOF

Cut 5







Make the Borders:

What makes this quilt really stand out is that the diagonal lines of the connector blocks are accentuated by adding a pieced border around the whole quilt that completes the base stairstep shape for the circle embroidery. Can you see the secondary pattern that is created or really completed by adding this pieced border? Here’s a diagram of the way the border is constructed and added. The additional pieced units are shown in a darker blue.




The remaining borders are added as shown below. As always, take as many liberties with the width and style of the borders to enhance your quilt as you choose.



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