Quick Snowflake Pincushion Embroidery Design

Oct 4, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's Bea again from Beaquilter.com.

Do you start thinking about Christmas as soon as it starts getting cold outside? Since it's colder now in NC, my daughter's are already starting to think about it!! So I've come up with this cute snowflake pincushion with a FELT embroidered snowflake on top!



Embroidery Design


It's quick and easy and once you've made ONE you may want to make more, with different appliquéd shapes on it!

Here's what you need to make the pincushion:

6" QUBE set (shape #5)




and the 6"  corners companion set

(shape #10- signature)




Then I used the snowflake from the Holiday medley die




for fabrics you'll need two different scraps of light blue batiks (or whatever background you want)

and a scrap of white felt, large enough to cover the snowflake die!

I also embroidered my snowflake down, but you can stitch around it if you don't have an embroidery machine.

I used the embroidery Holiday Medley set


HolMedley Collage 


The pincushion will be 6" x 6" when done and here's how I made it:

First, I cut out the snowflake in white felt.


Embroidery Design


Then, with the light blue scraps I cut out (8) small #5 triangles from the 6" QUBE set, and from another scrap I cut out (4) signature block patches.

I also cut out a 6 1/2" square for the backing.


Embroidery Design


Then I sewed the triangles to the sides of the signature blocks(4)- easy peasy!


Embroidery Design


Then I sewed those 4 into a larger X block, or you can flip them and do the "O" block, that's up to you!


Embroidery Design


I prepped my hoop and centered the block and stitched the outline stitch first for placement of the snowflake.


Embroidery Design


With basting spray, I laid the snowflake on the outline.

Now be very careful that everything is basted down, as the felt can loosen and possibly move during stitching!

I slowed the speed and watched it carefully stitch out!


Embroidery Design


Here it is all stitched out:


Embroidery Design


I love how it's flat in the middle but then puffy on the "arms" of the snowflakes, or are they called petals? What are they called??

Anyways, it's a snowflake!


Embroidery Design


After it was all stitched out, I removed the backing stabilizer and then placed the 6 1/2" square on top, right sides together (although it's hard to tell on batiks).

I then pinned all the way around, but I want to leave an opening for turning and stuffing, so I always add two pins right next to each other where I need to stop!


Embroidery Design


Here's the piece sewn together with a 1/4" seam allowance of course where I also snipped the corners. I don't cut those straight but actually trim in two cut or less of an angle, so the corners will be easier to turn and look nicer.

And back stitch at the beginning and at the end!


Embroidery Design


Then I turned the pincushion and stuffed it with fiber fill (or crushed walnut shells) and whip stitched it closed.


Embroidery Design


You can use any QUBE set and appliqué for this, I liked the 6" QUBE as I could use a whole block for it, but with the other QUBE sets you can use a 1/4 block design or add a border to it too! Then just appliqué on top!

It's fun to experiment with, and if you don't like the pincushion you can always POKE it with pins.... or give it away or toss it, not a big loss. But why would you? You can't go wrong with the accuracy of Accuquilt's dies!

Have fun!



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