Quick Spool Table Topper From 3 Fat Quarters

Nov 22, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi, it's Bea again from beaquilter.com. Have you seen the new spool die?? When I saw it, I just had to play with it and I came up with this fun and quick table topper, that's made with only 3 FQs!!


Table Topper


It measures 9" x 21"

and it's made with the spool die


Table Topper


and the border is made with the 6" Mix & Match QUBE set,


Table Topper


and as I mentioned above, just 3 Fat Quarters (light, medium and dark).

Plus I used another FQ for the binding and I was able to use a FQ for the backing as well as mine was just a bit over 21" wide.

With each FQ I laid it double on top of the spool die and cut out all 6 layers at once! - fast and easy!


Table Topper


Then I started sewing the block together as the insert shows.

I made matching sets of the spool top and bottom, and alternated how they matched up, so dark spool with medium background triangles, medium spools with light triangles, light spools with dark triangles.

and also with the 4 rectangle strips (the thread) part of the block, since it's only 3 colors, I had the top and bottom be the same fabric.


Table Topper


The way I laid it out, the background rectangle pieces are the same fabric as the 3rd "thread" rectangle as shown below,


Table Topper


then I sewed the 3 spool blocks together and into a row

(see again how the background is still the 3rd "thread" and the spool color is the 2nd "thread, then the leftover color is the 1st and 4th "thread").


Table Topper


Now for the borders, I at first cut out (6) of each of the FQs of rectangle #8, you'll only need 5 of two of them, but this way you can play around with the placement of them.


Table Topper


And I also cut out (2) each of shape #2, but again I only needed 4 total.


Table Topper


I laid out the rectangles and the squares like I wanted them and made sure the rectangle colors didn't touch the "spool" color on the blocks, I chose to do the top row with the dark color on the left, then light, and the opposite on the bottom row, then to the same with the sides and because of the spool blocks, the spool color and the background color are two colors, there's not much choice for layout out the fabrics so they don't touch each other...


Table Topper


here's the top all done


Table Topper


I chose to quilt just straight lines and in the ditch on the spool blocks.

I was able to cut out 4 binding strips from another FQ and use that and also used a FQ as the backing because it was a wide FQ.


Table Topper


I tried to "pose" the quilt outside here as it's just the perfect weather in NC to stay outside in the shade with a cup of coffee and read a quilt book!


Table Topper


Try out this fun spool die! it's EASY...

Have fun



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