Use the GO! Qube to Make a Hoot of a Quilt!

Apr 26, 2017 5:00:00 PM / by Bea Lee

Make the Cutest Owl Quilt Ever with the GO! Qube 12" Mix & Match Set & Owl Die


It's me Bea from, again.

I'm here to show you how to make this HOOT of a quilt!




I made this quilt from LOTS of scraps and about

2 yds of Grey

and 2 1/4yd brown (plus 3/4yd for binding)


The 12" QUBE set


and the owl die




I designed the quilt in EQ7




Each block is a certain color, so the owl (minus the eyes) are that color and so are the surrounding parts of the block.

My colors were purple, blue, turquoise, black, red, green, grey, orange, pink, beige, brown, and yellow.

For the appliqued owls for each block, I sorted my scraps and prepped them with Heat'n Bond on the back of a body, wing and beak fabric, then used white and black for the eyes.


owl quilt2


I laid all the pieces on the owl die and cut out the pieces for ONE block at a time


owl quilt3


You may have noticed the branch that the owl sits on. I just free handed a branch and traced it 12 times onto Heat'n Bond and cut out by hand

(I made sure it was shorter than 6 1/2". I think mine is around 4")


owl quilt3


With the 12" QUBE set I cut out (12) 6 1/2" squares in grey (shape #1)

and then fused the owls on each one


owl quilt4


I used a darning foot/embroidery foot that came with my sewing machine and black thread and loosely stitched around the shapes TWICE.  It's totally fine that the line is sloppy and is a bit off in some places, it adds to the charm and actually looks like you doodled with a pen!


owl quilt4


I did that with all 12 owls!

Notice how they are all looking in different directions. Only the black one is staring right at you. It's like the other owls want nothing to do with you or don't know where that mouse went ;) -the beige one is just CRAZY! ha ha


owl quilt5


For each block you'll need another grey small triangle (shape #5)

Also, find a matching color fabric and cut out 4 #5 triangles and 4 #8 rectangles and sew block together, by sewing the triangles into HSTs (4)

Then sew 2 of these to ends of rectangles and the remaining rectangles to top and bottom of owl block and then add the strips with the HSTs.


owl block8


For sashing you'll need 62 small squares #2 in brown (border fabric)

also 20 squares in grey

and 31 rectangles #8 in grey

Sew brown squares to the ends of all rectangles, then following the picture below, sew together.


owl quilt 8


For a border, the sides are 6 1/2" x 63 1/2"

and top and bottom are 6 1/2" x 60 1/2"


owl quilt9


Finished size is 60" x 75"

I quilted feathers on the borders and curves from corner to corner on the blocks and sashing.


owl quilt10



I just love the owl die and combining it with the 12" QUBE set was SEW easy and the quilt went together quickly!

Hope you like this tutorial and get to make it one day :)







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