How to Make a Quilt on the Road!

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How to Make a Quilt on the Road - Traveling and Quilting

Getting away from it all is important, but as quilters, we don’t want to take a vacation from what we love. While it may not be feasible to bring big quilting projects, there’s no need to leave everything at home. Here are some tips on how to make a quilt that allows you to take the vacation you deserve while still enjoying your quilting projects.

Small Projects Make for Big Progress

Save your hand-sewing for the road. Pack a bag with small sewing essentials like small, sharp scissors, a variety of thread colors, and a thimble. This way you can add accent buttons or other embellishments for a finished touch. Other small projects include hand-sewing bindings on nearly-finished quilts or cutting appliqué shapes and smaller quilt pieces from a stack of fat quarters.


GO! Baby Go!


how to make a quilt


Here's how to make a quilt without using scissors to cut out those appliqué shapes.  Bring along your GO! Baby fabric cutter from AccuQuilt! Because of its small size and portability, this fabric cutter is a wonderful choice for taking with you on vacation. It weighs merely 8.5 pounds, folds compactly to 12.5 x 8.25 inches and features an easy-lift carrying handle. This makes it easy to pack and take the GO! Baby with you in the car, RV, or airplane.


How Does the GO! Baby Work?

This GO! Baby AccuQuilt fabric cutter is a snap to use. It's also an easy way to learn how to make a quilt. It has a crank style handle that you turn to guide your cutting dies through the machine. You can cut up to six layers of fabric at once and you’ll get perfect cuts every time. Using a fabric cutter like the GO! Baby also reduces strain on your hands, arms and back.

But what if you just don’t have the time to devote to quilting and how to make a quilt when on vacation? We’ve got you covered. Following are some tips to keep your quilting mind sharp while on vacation.


Visit a Quilt Store or Museum

No matter where you vacation, there’s bound to be a quilt shop there or at least on the way. Even if you can’t quilt while on vacationing, you can certainly purchase new fabric or notions and maybe get inspired to start a vacation themed quilt once you get home. AccuQuilt has a complete listing of Signature Dealers and Authorized Retailers that you can visit during your travels. Just click here to find one near you.

Spending a hot summer’s day in a cool and quiet quilt museum is right up your alley. An easy Google search will find quilt museums in your vacation area. What a wonderful way to stay cool while appreciating the historical significances in or modern approaches to quilting. You’re sure to learn more about your craft and maybe be inspired to try something new.


Pictures / Sketch Pad

While your body and mind settle into vacation mode, your surroundings are sure to inspire creativity. Grab your camera or even your smart phone and start photographing unique patterns or color groupings that you find beautiful. Or go back to basics and rough sketch your inspirations on a simple pad of paper.


Surf the Web

Sometimes all you need is to find a good WiFi signal and spend some time with your computer and a glass of iced tea (or wine, you are on vacation after all). Use this time to check out patterns or quilt ideas from others. Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook groups, and are all great choices for inspiration. This is how to make a quilt on your next vacation!



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