Our Customers Love the GO! Qube - You Will Too!

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See why AccuQuilt customers are raving about the GO! Qubes. Isn't it time that you added them to your GO! Die collection? You won't regret it. All you need to do is - Just Add Fabric™.

Why You Love the GO! Qube 12” Mix & Match Set

GO! Qube


Love the 12" Qube

I was having a problem piecing my quilts. I made my first quilt after cutting pieces with the Go Qube 12" . They went together perfectly. I watched the video and applied the hints and it turned out great. I am very happy with the product…Jaculine

Great Investment

Perfect way to start using your Go! cutter is with a Qube set. A great set of dies instantly gives you the capability of sewing a tremendous variety of 12" blocks. Am seriously in love with the dies and the cutter, only wish I had found the Go! system years ago!....Virginia


Love the Go Big Qube. Everything is inside. It has every thing to get started. The dies are kept in the box along with the patterns & cutting mat. So many projects can be done with this Qube. A must have. It is great for the novice as well as the advanced quilter. I love mine….Patricia

Love this set

This Qube is extremely useful. Not only for patterns but because all my "cuts" are exactly the same size when I use the dies. My quilts now look more professional which is good as I am a beginner….Diana

Enjoyed beyond expectations

I bought this thinking some day I will want to have these. Within one month I was using the heck out of it. I saw a picture but no pattern. So I pulled out my Qube and figured out the pattern. Cut the entire top in 2 hours and had a quarter sewn before I knew it….Libo


Why You Love the GO! Qube 9" Mix & Match Set


GO! Qube


Love, Love, this Qube

I was so excited to order the 9" Qube. It was here in a short period of time and I could hardly wait to use it. My only problem was deciding which of the many patterns I received in my free book I wanted to try. I am very happy and would suggest you also try this Qube……Char

Love this set! You can get many designs with this Qube mix and match, perfect cuts

Love the Qube mix and match! Cuts perfect and when sewn together your blocks are exactly 9 inch… very little squaring up to do! I would recommend this to anyone who loves to put together blocks that fit perfectly and likes to get them cut quickly. You can get many different blocks with this set…..Sandy

Amazing how you look a quilt patterns once you have the Qube and the companion set

I have been pulling out so many quilt patterns and writing notes on them how to use the various dies in my 9 inch Qube set and companion set to cut out the quilt. Used some 6 inch squares -Jinny Beyer fabric- that I have been looking at for soooooo long wondering what to do. One chisel die and half square triangle die from the sets and I had a cute little quilt cut and pieced in no time. Remaining 6 inch squares with some background fabric and the quarter square triangle, half square triangle(to make flying geese units) and the rectangle all cut out and half way through the piecing. Points on the flying geese units are perfect. Love these products. So many quilts dancing through my head….Mary

All together in one place

Used the dies in my 9 inch GO Qube set to cut all the pieces for a baby quilt. No searching and wondering if what was the "right die to go with the other die" I was using. Now I need the companion set!....Mary

Block Sets Incredible

I could not be more pleased with my Go! Big cutter and all of the dies. The 9" Block Set is a tremendous investment as it gives you 8 separate dies that you can combine for a wide variety of 9" blocks or individually as you please. An absolutely wonderful investment!....Virginia


Why You Love the GO! Qube 8” Mix & Match Set


GO! Qube


So easy to use

The dies in the Qube are so much easier to use than I expected. I use 2" and 4" blocks so much in my everyday quilting projects, and this cube converts so easily. It was the first purchase after I bought the BIG GO, and I think the wisest one!...Linda

Great choice for my first Go Qube

I see many projects in my future using this Qube. My niece has already used the 2" finished die to cut block for a patchwork stocking. I really am amazed by the time that you save using the Go system. I wish I had bought this sooner…Debbie


I moved to Texas and met a woman, now a friend, that invited me over to see her AccuQuilt. I had heard about it and read about various machines on the market but never thought it was something I needed. At the time that I saw my friend's AccuQuilt I had been making a baby quilt. I donate quilts but due to health issues, I have not been able to make them for the past few years. Oh my heavens, the Go Qube was the answer. There are not enough words to describe all the advantages of the Go Qube. The cutting is obviously a lot faster and much more accurate than my 69 year old eyes and hands were getting. The number of different quilt designs from one Qube blows me away. No more spending hours looking for a design I want. ..Rochelle


The Qube is AWESOME! I love it. Such a great idea to put all these shapes into a box. I call it my magic box. Eventually I have to buy me all of them…Kadee

Fantastic selection

It's fantastic that it comes with a book of patterns that use the dies in the bundle - no disappointment when you choose your pattern and then discover you don't have the correct rulers - or in this case dies. I used this to cut out the 120 blocks I need for the quilt I am working on - very simple to use and the blocks I managed to find time to sew up look fantastic…Sharon


Why You Love the GO! Qube 6” Mix & Match


GO! Qube


love it

I had to make a lot of hour glass units so purchased the 6" Qube. After I got all the pieces cut out (so easy to do) it almost felt like cheating since the points matched perfectly and I did not have to take extra time to trim the dog ears. Love it…Vickie

How did I ever do without my Go 6" Qube?

I've wanted the Go 6" Qube ever since it came out. I finally bought it for myself. Now I am making the most awesome quilt. I can't believe how easy it was to cut out over a thousand pieces. This is my dream quilt & I have been putting off attempting it because of all the different size pieces. It was so easy & fast to cut out with my new Go 6" Qube & my BOB Snails Trail…Julie

Best idea EVER

I received my GO 6" QUBE after telling my husband that I wanted it for Christmas. Busy days passed as I looked at that wonderful square box sitting on my cutting table just waiting for me to have time to sew. Finally, family gone, decorations down, and fabric chosen, I opened the QUBE to find out how wonderfully labeled and packed these dies were in the box. In the course of 15 minutes, I had enough fabric cut out for 12 blocks- OH, MY- I had meant to cut out only 2!!! So now, my swap partner gets a pretty mini and I'm making myself one to match! The GO QUBE dies work well with my Studio 2 with my adapters and work just as well with my GO BABY. I can take it with me to my daughter's and let my granddaughter try it out too!! Can't wait to get the other size QUBES also. Thank you for such an ingenious product! …Tracey

Love this 6 inch set

The set has all you need to make about any traditional block you would want. You can also make 12 inch blocks by combining 4, 6 inch blocks. The 72 block book down load is free and very nice. I am looking forward to purchasing the 8 inch set. There free download library is not to be missed. THANKS for your product…Adam

Fabulous and versatile, what you can do with this set will astound you.

Fabulous and versatile, what you can do with this set will astound you. This set should be one of your first purchases….Faith


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