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Feb 12, 2018 12:00:00 AM / by Marjorie Busby

Make Sawtooth Stars with Embroidery Machine Hexagons

This quilt was inspired by the Starstruck pattern from the AccuQuilt website with the traditional Sawtooth Star in beautiful bright colors. The Grandmother’s Flower Garden machine embroidery adds another traditional touch to this bright and modern looking quilt. Instructions for the pieced Sawtooth Star block can be found in the AccuQuilt GO! 72 Blocks pattern set. Using the AccuQuilt GO! 12” QUBE to make this block is a breeze. I love that all the shapes are at my fingertips and there’s no searching on my shelves for specific dies. The machine embroidery used is also easy as the stitches are light and the block is stitched in a single thread color, making the hexagon blocks complete in record time. For piecing the stars, a Tonga Treats 6 Pack Happy Hour by Daniela Stout was used and that provided a wonderful selection of colors.

You will need the following supplies:

AccuQuilt GO! QUBE 12” Mix and Match Set


AccuQuilt GO! Hexagon 1” Sides English Paper Piecing Die (55422) OR Hexagons 2, 3, 5” Die (55011)

AccuQuilt GO! Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hexagon Machine Embroidery Designs by Marjorie Busby

Instructions for making the Sawtooth Star in the 72 Blocks Book

Fabric Yardages are provided in a chart at the end of this article. NOTE: I used a Timeless Treasures Tonga Treats 6 Pack (20 pieces each 6” x WOF) precut for the colored blocks and hexagons. The 6” strips are wide enough to cut almost any shape needed with a Qube and the variety of colors in a 6 pack are wonderful.

Batting (I used Warm and White by the Warm Company)

Lite Steam-A-Seam2 fusible for shapes

Stabilizer for machine embroidery. For this project a soft, light weight tearaway stabilizer is a good option.

Embroidery machine and 6 x 8-inch (150mm x 150mm) or larger embroidery hoop

Centering Ruler (optional)

Cutting mat and rotary cutter

Mini Iron (optional)

Coordinating thread for the machine embroidery, coordinating thread for sewing the blocks together

Step 1: Cut the background blocks and hexagon shapes.

Use a fusible on the back of the fabric for the hexagon shapes. Cut the fusible 4” x 6” to fit over the smaller hexagon shapes on the 55422 die or 2-1/2” strips on the 55011 die. You will need six outer hexagons of each color and a center hexagon in a coordinating color. Do not remove the paper from the fusible before cutting.


Step 2: Prepare the embroidery hoop and stitch the placement lines for the hexagons.

Mark the center of each side of the background block and secure it to the stabilizer using Sulky temporary spray adhesive or a glue stick, centering it with the center marks of the hoop.

Thread the machine with the thread color you will use for the machine embroidery. The same thread color is used throughout the stitching of the hexagons.

Mount the hoop onto the machine and stitch the placement line for the hexagon.


Step 3: Place the hexagon shapes and stitch the embroidery.

Remove the hoop from the machine and place the hexagon shapes just inside or on top of the placement lines. It may be helpful to use forceps or tweezers to accurately place the shape. Using Lite Steam A Seam2 fusible is very helpful because it is repositionable and does not require heat to secure it to the background for stitching.


Remount the hoop onto the machine and complete stitching of hexagon design.


Step 4: Trim machine embroidery block to fit the center of the pieced block.

Remove the stitched block and stabilizer from the embroidery hoop. Tear away the stabilizer from the back of the embroidery block. I also tearaway the stabilizer behind the outer hexagons as the stitching on these designs is light enough that the stabilizer is not needed. Turn the block right side down on a pressing surface and press the embroidery block from the back.

Using a 6-1/2” ruler, align the block so that the background is even all the way around and trim the excess fabric.


Your machine embroidery block is complete and ready to be incorporated into the pieced block.

Step 5: Make the pieced blocks:

The cutting instructions and yardage needed using the Qube (and also with individual die numbers) are shown at the end in a downloadable chart.

The block is constructed with the Qube Shape numbers as shown in this photo. You will find complete instructions for making this block in the 72-block book under Sawtooth Star.


Step 6: Assemble the quilt:

The quilt is assembled as shown in this diagram with vertical and horizontal sashing and a 3” finished border. The vertical sashing is cut 2" x 12-1/2" and the horizontal sashing is cut 2" x 42-1/2". The side border is cut 3-1/2" x 56" and the top border is cut 3-1/2" x 48-1/2".


Quilt as desired and bind for a traditional quilt with a modern twist.




Cutting Chart and Fabric Requirements for

Sawtooth Star with Embroidery Machine Hexagons

# to cut

Fabric QUBE Die Shape Optional Individual Dies  


Background/Light Fabric


Shape 2 (Die 55701)

3” Square Finished

Die 55006 2-1/2 yards


Shape 4 (Die 55002)

6” Quarter Square Triangle Finished

Die 55726



8-1/2” Square (Die 55058)

this is for the machine embroidery and will be rotary cut to 6-1/2” after the machine embroidery is complete.



2” strip die (Die 55025) for vertical sashing.

Rotary cut 12-1/2” x WOF. Fanfold on die and cut 16 each vertical sashing strips.



2” strip die (Die 55025) for horizontal sashing

Cut 5 strips 2” x 42-1/2” for vertical sashing.



Star Color A Shape 5 (Die 55703)

3” Finished Half Square Triangle

Die 55009

Die 55456 HST

¼ yard of each color


Star Color B


Star Color C

6 + 1

Hexagons – use assorted colors to coordinate with the star colors. 55422 or 55011   Each hexagon requires 5-1/2 x 8” and a center hexagon.


Border and Binding 3-1/2 “ Strip Die

Cut 6 each 3-1/2” x WOF for Border. Piece as needed to get length needed for border. 

  1-1/4 yard


2-1/2” Strip Die (Die 55017)

Cut 6 each 2-1/2” x WOF for Binding

Die 55024 for GO Baby


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