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RJR Fabrics: A Retrospective 1978-Present-Part 4

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Meet Judy Niemeyer


RJR Fabrics


Judy Niemeyer is an international instructor known for her foundation paper piecing techniques and quilt patterns. Her company, Judy Niemeyer Quilting Inc., has published over 150 foundation paper pieced quilt patterns over the last 20 years. Her quilts and patterns have become well-known both nationally and internationally among quilters. The patterns include many sewing techniques commonly referred to as foundation paper piecing, traditional piecing, curved piecing, strip piecing, and appliqué. Judy was introduced to foundation piecing in 1992. Shortly after that time, she started teaching foundation paper piecing at a local quilt shop where she worked, as a tool to help her students improve their sewing skills. Over the last 20 years, she has created and simplified several techniques for foundation paper piecing that she teaches and writes about in her quilt patterns In 1999, she started traveling throughout the US and Canada, teaching the simplicity of her patterns using foundation paper piecing, curved piecing, and appliqué techniques. 


Amazon Star


RJR Fabrics


The Amazon Star design, featuring RJR Fabrics Malam Batiks, is an excellent example of a quilt that is large and has lots of pieces, but is not challenging to complete. Judy and Bradley Niemeyer's original design was created so that quilters could complete a King Size Lone Star using paper piecing techniques without having extensive experience with curved piecing. The resulting design is very yardage efficient for a Paper Piecing project, taking advantage of strip piecing techniques wherever possible. With over 5,000 patterns sold since its publication, this pattern is one of the top 25 designs created by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer. The Amazon Star in the exhibit was made and quilted by Certified Instructor, Kristen Bender. 


Meet Flaurie & Finch


RJR Fabrics


Flaurie & Finch is an exciting new lifestyle brand inspired from the vivid colorations and alluring textures of nature. A spin off of flaura and fauna, the name conveys the brand's true intent, which is to create sophisticated and timeless fabric collections inspired by all things nature, connecting florals and wildlife with structured textures. Colorful, refined, classic and beautiful, the fabrics are designed to appeal to modern traditionalists in search of something distinct and fresh from their home. The creative women behind the brand, Linda Fitch and Vanessa Stevens, pull from their classic training in fine arts, surface design, illustration and figure painting. The design in a collaborative spirit, building on each other's artistic strengths. Learn more at www.flaurieandfinch.com.


Daisy Daydream


RJR Fabrics


We take a fine art approach to designing quilts, gaining inspiration from the colors and textures in nature that surround us. The daisies in Daisy Daydream were inspired by photos we took at our favorite garden spot in spring. We wanted to design a quilt that would combine our black and white batiks with the bright colorful palette of RJR Fabrics Blossom Batiks. I designed the background as a collage of all the brights and used the black and whites to create the daisies. We like the contrast of having a structured pieced background with looser, organic shapes in the appliqué. We hope to inspire quilters to push the envelope to create a new dimensional perspective, and original pieces of art. This quilt is pieced by Belinda Love. Appliqué by Linda Fitch and Vanessa Stevens. Quilted by Vanessa Stevens. 


Butterfly Garden


RJR Fabrics


The Butterfly Garden Quilt, featuring RJR Fabrics Shiny Objects by flaurie & finch, is one of Judy and Bradley Niemeyer's most recent publications. This quilt was designed for the first Quiltworx University program, which was held at Madeline Island School of the Arts in Wisconsin, in September of 2016. The Quilt is one of five designs published in a series of quilts called the Sunrise Mixer and with this collection of patterns, Quiltworx has launched the concept of mixing and matching blocks from different patterns, allowing customers to create their own unique quilt pattern. The pattern concept is based on a partnership of Quiltworx and Quiltster.com which is a web based fabric and block auditioning program for quilters.

Tour Times for the RJR Fabrics Gallery Show

Mon–Thurs 10 A.M. and 1 P.M.
Friday By call ahead appointment only.
Reservations recommended.
Closed weekends and major holidays


FREE Admission for all visitors


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RJR Fabrics


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