New Exhibition Featuring Fiber Artwork

Jan 12, 2015 4:40:36 PM / by AccuQuilt

SAQA AQ Gallery 2

We are excited to announce a new exhibition at AccuQuilt. "Architexture": A SAQA-NE (Studio Art Quilt Associates of Nebraska) Exhibition is a brilliant original exhibition showcasing fiber arts. Architecture is a general term that not only describes man-made buildings but can also include the diverse structures found in nature. Combining this definition of architecture with the word texture, fifteen Nebraska area artists designed and created fiber artwork on a diverse range of topics including everything from the varied textures one finds in a home to the diverse textures of nature.

"When I create art pieces I'm trying to convey something to the viewer. It might be a story, an emotion, or the essence of a place or time. Making a connection with the viewer is the goal with my art," said Shelly Burge, one of the artists featured in the exhibition.


SAQA-SwingingBridge by Shelly Burge
Swinging Bridge by Shelly Burge


Burge's art quilt, "Swinging Bridge," is a magnificent art quilt, boasting a variety of hand-dyed cotton fabric, vintage cotton print fabric, and floral silk velvet fabric. Other art quilts includes Peg Pennell's "Step Into the Past," which showcases photographic images printed on fabric.


SAQA-StepIntoThePast Pen Pennell
Step Into the Past by Peg Pennell


To see the “Architexture” Exhibition, visit AccuQuilt’s Gallery Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Admission is free, and the exhibition will run through March. After viewing the exhibit, you can also take a tour of the AccuQuilt headquarters and state-of-the-art Dream Studio. If you are unable to travel to the Gallery, "Architexture" is also available for viewing at our online Quilt Gallery.


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