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We are proud to announce a new AccuQuilt gallery exhibit by renowned quilt designer, artist, and teacher Sue Bouchard. Named “The Quilts of Sue Bouchard: A Journey of Color and Design,” the exhibit will run from Feb 1 - April 27, 2017.

Sue Bouchard

“Journey” features 11 original quilts created by Sue, each one a study in color and creativity. An array of thoughtful and unique designs make this exhibit unforgettable for quilters and textile lovers alike.


Quilting Fabric Comes to Life

The array of quilts on display in the exhibit are as unique and nuanced as the artist herself. Like any great artist, Sue finds inspiration every where, with designs ranging from a pattern she made based on the upholstery in her oral surgeon’s office to a piece she created after a trip to Egypt.

The rich colors and layered looks range from traditional to modern—with unexpected and delightful details throughout. This really is a can’t-miss exhibit for quilters and art lovers.


Who is Sue Bouchard?

Sue Bouchard not only creates original quilts, she has also taught classes at Quilt in a Day for over twenty years, where she is lauded for her laid-back style and innovative block party designs.

Two of her quilt designs—Bears in the Woods and the Underground Railroad Sampler—have won the coveted National Primedia Award of Excellence.

Sue is Executive Assistant to the founder and owner of Quilt in a Day, Eleanor Burns, and is a vital contributor to all their publications. She travels through out the US with Eleanor, and also teaches on her own at guilds and Festivals through out the US, Ireland, England and Scotland.

“We are incredibly excited about this exhibit, and honored that a talent such as Sue Bouchard has allowed us access to her stunning work” said AccuQuilt President Greg Gaggini.


The Exhibit

“The Quilts of Sue Bouchard: A Journey of Color and Design” features ten quilts, and ten unique stories. Here are some of the pieces you’ll see:


Triple Twist    56” x 68”

Sue chose a modern look for this quilt by using a lime green background and batik Balipops™ for her twists. The mix of color is dazzling, while the quilting in the back ground creates texture to complete this modern quilt.

Quilt Pattern through Quilt in a Day.




Kylee Grows Up   52”x 60”

Fabrics by designer Malka Dubraski inspired Sue to put a creative spin on the traditional Kite pattern.

Quilt Pattern through Quilt in a Day

This quilt was made with GO! Kite - 4" Die - BOB (Block on Board) #55254


Sue Bouchard



The Quilt Maker’s Gift   48”x 60”

These blocks were inspired by a book title “The Quilt Maker’s Gift” by Jeff Brumbeau—a story about a king who learned that it’s much better to give than to receive. A great story for both young and old.




The Nile  32”x 44”

Sue was inspired to make this quilt after visiting Egypt with her husband Ken. The three pyramids of Giza were originally black, red, and white. The triangles are equilateral, the small ones are half the size of the larger ones.




Bali     63”x 71

Sue used the same fabric print in a rainbow of colors to create this beautiful sunset of the South Pacific island of Bali.

This quilt can be created using the GO! Strip Cutter - 4 ½” Die #55054.




Modern Migration     53” x 68”

Flying Geese are Sue’s favorite quilt block. What a better way to enjoy the design than to combine eight sizes in one quilt. The modern linear quilting complements the pattern.  

The pattern is through Quilt in a Day.




Bow Tie   52” x 60”

This Bow Tie quilt was made by using fabrics designed from fabric artists Allison Glass and Lizzy House.

Sue used the GO! Value Die 55018.




Hole in the Wall     56” x 68”

The pattern for this quilt was inspired by upholstery fabric at Sue’s oral surgeon’s office.  It goes to show that inspiration can spring from any where.

This quilt pattern is through Quilt in a Day.




Egg Money Quilts   63” x 84”

This quilt contains twelve different blocks in a variety of sizes. This quilt received an honorable mention at the AQS Paducah Quilt Show.

Quilt pattern through Quilt in a Day.




Moon Dance  60” x 84”

The design of this quilt gives the illusion of circles without the curved piecing. The layout and negative space has all the elements for a truly modern quilt.

This quilt pattern is through Quilt in a Day.

It can be created using Accu Quilt Dies:

GO! Half Square Triangle - 4" Square

GO Triangles in Square - 4" Square

GO! Squares - 4 1/2 - 4" - Multiples

GO! Squares - 2 1/2" - 2" - Multiples




Parcheesi    42” x 42”

Modern colors and a traditional Snow ball Block make this little quilt a modern master piece. 

Sue used Accu Quilt:

GO! Snow ball Block Die - 6"

GO! Strip Cutter - 2 1/2" -2" - 3 Strips




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