Travel & Quilting Combine to Make Row by Row Experience Something You're Sure to Enjoy

Jul 1, 2018 9:00:54 AM / by AccuQuilt

Are you ready to take the adventure of quilting on the road with you? Row by Row Experience® can make that happen. When we set off on family trips or vacations, our home-based hobbies and passions are left just there, at home. But Row by Row Experience® makes it possible, and fun, to bring your love of quilting with you while you travel.


Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Curious quilters journeying across the United States, Canada, and Europe can visit any of the thousands of local, participating quilting stores and receive one free pattern for a row in a quilt. The complimentary row patterns can be used to make your own unique quilt once you arrive back home. Think of it like a shop-hop, where you physically visit a variety of local quilting shops and are also treated to a free row pattern and a memorable experience.


Row by Row Sew Musical starts June 21, 2018

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Visit any participating Row by Row shop this summer to collect a Sew Musical themed row pattern. Collect as many of the original Sew Musical row pattern designs as you can during the collecting period, June 21 to September 4, 2018, and then start quilting.

Embellish your musically-inspired quilt by using AccuQuilt's new GO! Music Medley appliqué die. One Music Medley die cuts four appliqué shapes at once: single bar note, treble clef, quarter note and eighth note.



This die comes with a free patten - GO! Looking for Treble Table Runner.



Your custom quilt can be entered into the Row by Row Sew Musical competition, by the October 31, 2018 deadline, or you can sew at your leisure and stitch together a tangible memory of your summer adventures. Quilts eligible for competition need to be finished quilts (quilted, bound, labeled) with at least eight different rows from eight different participating stores. Check out the rules and FAQs and then start rowing.


From New York to the Netherlands

Row by Row started in 2011 with just 20 participating shops in the State of New York. Since then, thousands of shops have opened their doors to vacationing quilters. You can travel to Canada, Europe, and every state in the United States and find quilting and sewing shops that participate in Row by Row Experience®. Shop-owners benefit from the increased summer traffic of visiting quilters, and quilters benefit by meeting others who share their passion and finding inspiration in new friends and new landscapes.



Travel and Quilt Without Borders

Peruse the Row by Row travel list of all participating shops and choose your destination. You don’t have to stay in your sewing studio this summer; from Hawaii to Bavaria, you can travel far and wide while collecting free row patterns and heaps of inspiration. You don’t put boundaries on your creative quilting, and with thousands of participating Row by Row shops, you won’t have to put boundaries on your travels this summer either.


Expand Your Passion

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Quilts are memories built by hand. Start building yours today with Row by Row, and continue to live, laugh, and quilt with AccuQuilt.

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