How To Fall Back In Love With Your UFOs

Jul 2, 2020 7:15:00 AM / by Erica Bottger

In honor of World UFO Day, let’s take a good look at those things we all love to hate: our UFO’s. The UFO’s I’m talking about may haunt your dreams; they are not found in the sky, but are instead found in your sewing space – the UnFinished Objects.


The longer you quilt, the more UFO’s you seem to acquire. These are the projects you started with enthusiasm, full of love and dreams of wonderful finished items. Unfortunately, something happened along the way. 


It’s Not You, It’s Me..

Let’s face it, sometimes we change our minds. That perfect quilt vision you had in your head just doesn’t look how you imagined once it starts coming together. Maybe the fabrics you thought you loved just aren’t quite right together or maybe you just got bored with the piecing. It happens!


Perhaps you have commitment issues when it comes to purchasing backing for your quilts or you hate the binding process. Maybe you aren’t comfortable with building the “quilt sandwich” of top, batting and backing so you can't seem to prepare for the quilting or the project feels too large or complex for your to quilt yourself.


It’s Not Me, It’s You…

On the flip side, maybe you ran out of one of your fabrics or the project just isn’t right for the intended recipient. When your hunch that someone was expecting a girl and they deliver a bouncing baby boy, you had to leave the pink flowers behind in a hurry, right? The quilt you designed for a friend’s mountain cabin just isn’t what you want to send them when they decide to move to the beach!


Maybe, just maybe, something happed along the way to really disrupt the relationship. Nothing cools your emotions like a mistake that has to be un-sewn or pieces that have to be re-cut. Maybe the finished size doesn’t match your vision and it’s grown from wall hanging to lap quilt or from wall hanging down to table topper even!


Is There Hope For Our Relationship?

Absolutely, there is always hope that you can re-kindle the relationship with this UFO’s. Here are some possible solutions to your UFO woes.


Break Up To Make Up

If you just aren’t feeling the love anymore, take a look at some ideas for other things to do with that partial top or blocks, turning them into smaller projects like bags, mug rugs and wall hangings. 


Consider using some of AccuQuilt’s great project dies to help you turn that top into bibs or stockings. Maybe you can really change up the look by cutting it with the GO! Tumbler 6 ” Finished (55020) or the GO! Big Crazy Quilt 12” Finished (55861). Letting your imagination run wild might just be the boost your relationship has needed.


Time To Seek Professional Help

Don’t hesitate to call in outside help, you don’t have to face this alone. Your local quilt/fabric store is there to help you in your time of need. They can help analyze the situation and guide you to fabric solutions that just may save the day. If you aren’t comfortable with that, try reaching out to a quilting friend for their opinion or even posting a picture and posing your question online.


Featured Pattern: GO! Curved Nine Patch Pop Throw Quilt Pattern (PQ11641)


That fabric that you have run out of might just be located on a website. If you have saved the selvedge edge, use the manufacturer’s information to do an internet search for possible sellers. There are also websites devoted to helping find discontinued fabric.


Professional help can also come into play when it comes to quilting. Many shops and individuals alike offer longarm quilting services – some will even bind it for you for an additional fee. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help, plenty of quilters finish their projects by writing a check.


Binding Us Together

The fear (or just plain dislike) of binding has stalled many a quilt project. Don’t let binding stand between you and the finish line! Make cutting your binding easy using the GO! Strip Cutters. If joining the strips together perfectly is part of the problem, see how easy it is to do it perfectly using a half square triangle die in this video.


If hand finishing binding is the final barrier between you and a completed project, consider using a flange binding that is 100% finished with your machine. Here’s Pam to show you how:


If you just don't know where to start, give this binding tutorial a look. Lori J. Miller explains the basics and even shares a few tricks to make binding easier than ever before! Click here to read the binding tutorial.


Avoid UFOs More Often with GO! Quilt

GO! Quilt is a free, pattern customization tool that allows quilters to test drive colors and fabrics in specific designs. It has over 1,300 patterns to choose from and even features a collection of designer fabrics from brands you love, like Moda, Andover, Robert Kauffman and more!

GO! Quilt-1-Screen-Fabric


When you're all done with a design, you can download the pattern instructions which also has accurate fabric needs. Just print it out or open the mobile app while fabric shopping and you will have all you need to bring the project to life!


Click here to start using GO! Quilt now!


Here’s to hoping these tips will help you feel the love grow between you and your UFO’s!



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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger