Fast and Easy Angled Star Table Topper

Nov 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Connie Campbell

Hi everyone, this is Connie Kresin Campbell from Freemotion by the River. Have you seen the GO! Qube™ 10" Companion Set-Angles? I couldn't wait to try it out! I had fun using this Qube Companion Set to make this fast and easy table topper. Working with angle blocks has never been easier as all of your pieces are dog-eared and cutting is so accurate!


Angled Star Table Topper
Finished 19" x 29"


There are four dies in the Angles Companion Set:

  • Triangles in a Square-Center
  • Triangles in a Square-Sides
  • Kite-Center
  • Trapezoid

I have always used these shapes in my quilts I've made over the years, and it is so great to be able to use these AccuQuilt dies now.

GO! Fabric Cutter: 

GO! Cutter (55100S)
GO! Big Electric (55500)

GO! Cutting Dies:

GO! Qube 10" Companion Set-Angles (55799)

  • #13 Triangles in a Square Center (55820)
  • #14 Triangles in a Square Sides (55821)

GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block (55797)

  • #5 Half Square Triangle 2½" finished (55807)
  • #2 Square 2½" finished (55804)

GO! Strip Cutter 2½" (55017)



Cream Batik – ½ yard

  • Cut one 6" strip the width of fabric. Sub-cut four #13 Triangles in Square-Centers.
  • Cut one 3½" strip the width of fabric. Sub-cut twelve #2 Squares.

Pink Batik – ¼ yard

  • Cut one 6" strip the width of fabric. Sub-cut four sets #14 Triangles in Square-Sides.
  • Cut one 3½" strip the width of fabric. Sub-cut four #2 Squares and two #5 Half Square Triangles.

Print Batik – ¼ yard or fat quarter

  • Cut one 4" strip the width of fabric. Sub-cut twelve #2 Squares and two #5 Half Square Triangles.


Use a ¼" seam allowance.

Triangle in Square blocks:



Sew the pink Triangle in Square-Sides to the cream Triangle in Square-Centers.



Make four, with the blocks measuring 5½".



Four-Patch block:

  • Twelve print #2 squares
  • Twelve cream #2 squares


Half Square Triangles:

Two print and two pink half square triangles, make two blocks.



Sew the half square triangles and squares together as shown.



Layout the blocks as shown in the following diagrams, you will have two four-patch blocks left over.



Sew the rows together.



More Four-Patch blocks:

  • Four pink #2 squares
  • Twelve cream #2 squares

Sew these together to make four-patch blocks.



Add two of these and one of the print/cream four-patch blocks to each side of the block.



Sew the rows together.

Use the GO! Strip Cutter 2½" to add a border to your quilt project. Measure your quilt piece to make sure your measurements are the same as below. If not, adjust your measurements.

Cut 2—2½" x 15½" for sides.
Cut 2—2½" x 29½" for top and bottom.
Add your backing and batting and quilt as desired.

Cut 2—2½" strips width of fabric for the binding and sew together.



Add the binding by machine.



I hope you have enjoyed this fast and easy Angled Star Table Topper made with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter and the new GO! Qube 10" Companion Set-Angles. Please stop by my blog - Freemotion by the River where you can sign up for my newsletter and find free, easy quilt patterns for more projects.


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Connie Campbell

Written by Connie Campbell

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