Fast DIY Pet Bandana: Happy International Dog Day!

Aug 26, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Katy Sweigart

Everyone loves their pets, am I right? I sure do!

This is Katy,  here from KatyQuilts, and I have a fast DIY project for you to celebrate your furry friends! 

I’m a dog person. It took me years to admit it, but I am.  I currently have a Yorkichon, named Willy, and a Dorkie, named Winslow.

And yes, I’m that dog mom that loves to dress up her babies! The GO! Gingham Dog Die was just the inspiration I needed to start a doggie sewing spree.


Gingham Dog Die_web


DIY Pet Bandana

First, I started with a cute dog bandana as a gift for a friend. Her dog, Fiona, is a Great Dane/Mastiff mix. I thought she needed something girly.

So, these are the fabrics I selected for her.


Gingham Dog Fabric_web


Cutting Directions

Fiona is a big girl, so I started by cutting a 17 inch square from my background fabric. 

Then I folded it in half, corner to corner, and gave it a good press.


Triangle Fabric_web


I trimmed off the folded corners like this:


Triangle Cut_web


Turn the blunted corners over a quarter inch and press.

Turn it over another quarter inch and press again.

 to hem!


Fabric Hem_web


Applique Directions

Place fusible web on the back of your applique pieces and cut them out with your GO! Cutter. 


Gingham Dog Grid_web


Now, you can decide on your applique placement.


Gingham Stripe_web


Did you know that there are FREE, downloadable embroidery files with every applique die you purchase from AccuQuilt?

I’m a total newbie when it comes to machine embroidery, but even I can do this. Of course, you can always use a regular sewing machine and zig-zag stitch as well. Refer to your manual for embroidery instructions for your machine.  

I love that I can put the applique in place, put it in the machine, and let the machine stitch it down.



How cute is that?

Bandana Construction_web

Sew Your Bandana

Now, back to bandana construction. Fold the bandana in half with the wrong sides out and stitch along the bottom edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your stitches.

Bandana Pins_web

Now, turn the whole thing right side out through one of the corner openings and give it a good press.  Topstitch
a line two inches down from the top edge to form a casing for the collar and continue topstitching around the point. 

Dog Collar_web


Your DIY Pet Bandana is Done!

All done! Just thread your dog's collar through the casing and let the world see how cute they are!

Isn’t Fiona adorable?

Fiona with Bandana_web

Fiona Sporting Bandana_web

Of course, Fiona is a big girl. So, you will need to adjust sizing for your own dog, but the basic plan is the same regardless of size. I suggest measuring their collar and working from there.

I was having so much fun, that I made another bandana for this handsome guy! This is Rebel, an English Bulldog. 

Rebel and bandana_web

Many AccuQuilt GO! Applique dies would be appropriate for this. How about Stars? Flowers? Maybe a Snowflake for winter? Or, perhaps use this cute GO! Scottie Dog Die!

Scottie Dog_web

Have a cat? No problem! Take a look at the GO! Calico Cat Die.

I couldn’t leave my own puppies out of the fun! So, I used the same GO! Gingham Dog Die to create patches to applique onto ready-made doggie clothes.

Doggie Clothes_web

Hmmm…..I might need to put this on a t-shirt for me!

Happy International Dog Day! Let’s celebrate our faithful companions!

If you make your own using this tutorial, please share the photo on social media using the hashtag #AccuQuilt and don't forget to tag @katyquilts and @AccuQuilt so we can see your fun creation!

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Katy Sweigart

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