Fast & Easy No-Sew Homemade Hexi Ornaments

Nov 19, 2020 9:51:39 AM / by Melanie Call

Hi AccuQuilt Friends! It's Melanie from A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog! Today I'm sharing a NO SEW Hexagon Ornament tutorial using the brand new AccuQuilt GO! Qube English Paper Piecing 1" Finished Sides


The holiday season can be busy so a quick Christmas project is perfect! PLUS this project is great to make with kids! My daughter loves to cut out the shapes and I iron!

1-qube with hexagon ornaments on go qube english paper piecing block


Let's start making NO SEW Hexagon Ornaments!



2-full view of foil tree and qube with moda jelly rolls



1. Adhere fusible adhesive to wrong side of (8) 5" squares per manufacturer instructions. [Note: I chose Heat N Bond Ultra Hold as I am not going to sew these ornaments. If you want to sew the edges of your ornaments - please choose a fusible adhesive that is safe for sewing.]
3-go me and english paper piecing qube with heat n bond on table
2. Remove paper from fusible adhesive.
4-hexagon epp qube die on go me with red patterned fabric
3. Cut (48) hexagons from die 55826 [GO! Qube English Paper Piecing 1" Finished Sides]
  • You may stack 6 layers of fabric when cutting the squares withOUT fusible adhesive. 
  • When cutting fabric with fusible adhesive ONLY stack 2 layers as follows. Place bottom fabric with right side up (fusible down towards die) and top fabric right side face down (fusible face up towards cutting mat). This will give you a perfect cut and the fabric will not stick to each other.
5-pile of green, red and white fabric hexagons


1. Pair (1) hexagon with fusible adhesive and (1) hexagon without fusible adhesive.
2. Place (1) hexagon without fusible adhesive wrong side up on ironing surface.
3. Place (1) 6" ribbon folded in half on top of hexagon. Be sure the ribbon is placed side by side (NOT overlapped on top of each other or it will not fuse closed). See image below.
6-adding ribbon to hexagon ornament on silicone mat
4. Place (1) hexagon with fusible adhesive right side up (line up edges) on top of unfused hexagon and ribbon.
5. Iron / Fuse per manufacturer instructions.
7-hexagon ironed on silicone appli-fuse mat with pink iron
6. Repeat instructions above until you have made (24) ornaments OR as many as you would like!
8-perfectly hexagons cut for ornaments next to white garland
7. This technique will work with any AccuQuilt appliqué die too! I made a snowflake ornament with my GO! Holiday Medley Die. It is super cute, but it was more challenging to line up all the edges. ;)
9-finished no sew ornaments cut from applique
I'm so excited to have a new Christmas tree for my sewing room! I love it! Plus I loved making a project that my daughter and I could do together!
10-full view of tree and ornaments with epp qube

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for NO SEW Hexagon Ornaments! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @abitofscrapstuff and on my A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog for more fabric fun!


PS - The new GO! Qube English Paper Piecing 1" Finished Size would look great under your Christmas tree :)


Happy Quilting!

Melanie Call


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Melanie Call

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