Find Your Way with the New GO! Mariner's Compass Die

Nov 2, 2020 12:49:12 PM / by AccuQuilt

Have you found yourself shying away from making a Mariner’s Compass quilt that features thin, narrow points created with foundation paper piecing or extensive cutting with templates and a rotary cutter? Maybe the thought of sewing curves has stopped you in your tracks before getting started on a project? Well put your fear and doubt away, because the GO! Mariner’s Compass (55194) will help you create this stunning, iconic block.

A Beautiful Direction with the GO! Mariner's Compass

Designed to cut your entire block in just one pass through your cutter, this online exclusive die puts making this complicated looking block well within your reach. This block is perfect for the quilter who’s ready for a fresh challenge and not afraid to jump in and try new things. Here are some of the great features about this die.

Board Design

This die board is designed to cut down on fabric waste by grouping pieces together so you can quickly and easily cut a 5-color block in just one pass through your cutter.
<picture of the die board>

Screen Printing

Don’t worry about the number of pieces in this block, screen printed letters on the die make it easy to cut, organize your pieces and sew this block together.


The die cuts the placement notches for you! This will help you sew each piece in place perfectly for each section, including the curves.

Specialized Dog Ears

You can be confident that your pieces are placed correctly, bulk in the seams is reduced and that no trimming is needed with these specially designed dog ears.

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow the pictures and directions to ensure your success with sewing this challenging block.


We’ve thought of everything for this die, including free downloadable embroidery for the center circle.

Electric Quilt Compatible

If you have EQ software, you can use it to create your very own Mariner’s Compass designs from their library.

Popular Finished Size

The popular 12” finished size of this block means it will team up perfectly with your GO! Qube Mix & Match 12” Finished Block (55778) and more to throw your creative possibilities wide open.

You’ll want to be sure and follow the detailed directions for this block. Those directions can be found on the die package and on, as a free download. You’ll want to take your time with this one, and make a test block or two before you get started. For more tips, check out this video!


Limited quantities of this highly requested die are currently available, so be sure to order right away!

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Written by AccuQuilt

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