Free Marble Snail's Trail Swirls Quilt Pattern

Jul 8, 2021 7:45:00 AM / by Amanda Harward

Hello again, this is Amanda from Larkspur Quilts! Are you ready for a fun and colorful summer project?

Quilting Tutorial Supplies

This free Snail's Trail quilt block pattern uses the 8” Finished GO! Snail’s Trail Die, 8” GO! Qube Mix & Match, and the 8” GO! Qube Companion Set-Angles.

The Snail’s Trail pattern is a Block on Board, and I used the triangle in a square shape to continue the lines, so they look like distinct shapes.

This quilt finishes at 70” x 59”.


Dies Used

              -Triangle in Square-Center-4” Finished square (55753) (Shape #13)

              -Triangle in Square-Sides-4” Finished Square (55754) (Shape #14)


Fabric Directions

  • Black fabric (4 yards total) I used some solids and some tonal fabrics that I had.
  1.   Cut four 5” strips the width of fabric.
  2.   Sub-cut 30 of Shape #1- 4” finished squares.
  3.   Cut two yards of fabric into eight 5” strips the length of fabric.
  4.   Use the Cut & Shift method to sub-cut 98 of Shape #13 Triangle in Square-Centers.
  5.   Cut three 3-1/4” strips the width of fabric.
  6.   Sub-cut 18 sets of Shape #14 Triangle in Square-Sides.


  • White fabric (2 yards)
  1.   Cut five 3-1/4” strips the width of fabric.
  2.   Sub-cut 40 sets Shape #14 Triangle in Square-Sides.
  3.   Cut five 10” strips the width of fabric.
  4.   Sub-cut forty sets of Snail’s Trail pieces shapes A-E.

  • Colorful pack of 10” squares** (you will need at least two squares per color)

    **I used the Create-Layer Cake by Quiet Play for Riley Blake

  1.   Sort pack and choose one 10” square from 20 different colors of fabric.
  2.   Sub-cut 40 sets of Snail’s Trail pieces - Shapes A-E. You should have two of each shape A-E in every color (see picture below).
  3. From the second 10” square, the same colors that you cut the snail’s trail pieces, cut two sets of Shape #14 Triangle in Square-Sides. When you do this, cut one set with fabric face up, and one set with fabric face down.

Snail's Trail Fabric Shapes Cut Out


  • Binding: ½ yard black and white striped fabric cut into six strips using the 2-1/2” strip cutter.

  • Batting: 78” x 67”

  • Backing: 82” x 71”

Snail's Trail Quilt Block Design


Free Snail’s Trail Block Pattern

Sew Snail’s Trail blocks according to die instructions. Make 20 Snail’s Trail blocks.

1.  Layout your blocks on a design wall or a flat surface with about 5” of space in between for the sashing. If you are like me and space is a precious commodity in your sewing area, I just worked on 1-2 rows at a time.

2.  I took every other Snail’s Trail block and rotated it 90 degrees for variety.

Snail's Trail Quilt Block Design Swirls in a Row


3.  Lay out the triangle in square-centers, and then match the Triangle in Square-Sides with the corresponding colors of the Snail’s Trail blocks. Also, notice the 4-1/2” squares as part of the sashing.


Snail's Trail Quilt Block Laid Out


4.  For the top and the sides of the quilt you will use the black Triangle in Square sides on the edge.


Triangle in a Square Layout


5.  I sewed the blocks together in a 4 x 5 layout, with the sashing, and then added a 4-1/2 black border cut with the 4-1/2” strip cutter die.


Final Swirl Pattern Layout


6.  I added squares in the corners that I fussy cut from the extra squares in this layer cake, and black and white thin striped binding.




You could customize this project with a name or a phrase. Maybe…"You’re Getting Very Sleepy"?

I hope that you enjoy making this quilt! If you do make this quilt, please share the photo on social media using the hashtag #AccuQuilt and don't forget to tag @larkspurquilts and @AccuQuilt so we can see your fun creation!

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