Fun with Mosaic Geometry and the GO! Qube 10" Angles and Corners Companion Sets

Oct 9, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Marjorie Busby

Hi, it's Marjorie and I'm sharing a quilt I made with the GO! QUBE™ Mix & Match 10" Block, the GO! Qube™ 10" Companion Set-Angles and the GO! Qube™ 10" Companion Set-Corners. Adding the Companion Qubes to the Mix & Match Qube creates a wealth of possibilities for quilts and especially for adding pieced borders. The 72 block brochure for the Qube Angles Companion Set and the 72 block brochure for the Qube Corners Set is the perfect starting point. It only takes a block or two from these pattern brochures to create a beautiful quilt. In this post, I will show you how I used a single block from the companion set - angles for the center blocks and added just the Bow Tie from the Corners Qube with a Flying Geese unit to create the pieced border.

For this quilt, I used blues and greens from my stash of batiks. The quilt block is the Vortex block from the Angles Companion brochure and the border blocks are 5" blocks from the Bow Tie Corners Qube and Flying Geese units from the Mix & Match Qube. There are nine Vortex blocks (3 across and 3 down) and the finished quilt size is 40" x 40". The 2-1/2" (2" Finished) Strip Die was used for the binding.


Supplies Needed:

GO! QUBE Mix & Match 10" Block # 55797

GO! QUBE 10" Companion Set-Angles # 55799

GO! QUBE 10" Companion Set-Corners #55798

GO! 2-1/2" Strip (2” Finished) Die # 55014 or 55017

AccuQuilt GO!, AccuQuilt GO! Big, or Studio (with GO! Adapter) Die Cutter

72 Block Angles Companion Brochure

72 Block Corners Companion Brochure



  • Dark Green/Blue/Purple for Shape 5 Triangles—1/4 yards
  • Dark Peacock Blue for Trapezoids, Bow Ties, and Binding—2 yards
  • Turquoise for Trapezoids and Shape 5 Triangles—7/8 yards
  • Light Green for Corner Triangles, Shape 5 Triangles, and Bow Tie Triangles—5/8 yards
  • Backing 48” x 48”
  • Batting 48” x 48”


Cutting Instructions:

This quilt is made of three blocks. They are shown below. The cutting instructions include the shapes for all three of the blocks.


Block 1: Vortex block. Make 9 blocks.



Block 2: Bow Tie Border Block. Make 24 blocks.

Note that half of these blocks are made as mirror images of the other half. This is done by changing one of the triangles from one side of the Flying Geese unit to the other side so that the blocks are made as pairs.



Block 3: Corner Border Blocks



Precut as follows:

Dark Blue-Green-Purple: Shape 5 (2-1/2” Finished Half Square Triangle (HST)). Precut 2—3-3/4” x WOF, Cut 36 HSTs.

Blue-Green Fabric:

  • Shape 4 (5” Finished Quarter Square Triangle (QST)). Cut 1—6-3/4” x WOF. Cut 24 QSTs.
  • Shape 11.1 (2-1/2” Finished Bow Tie). Cut 2—6-1/2” x WOF. Cut 48 Bow Ties.
  • Shape 16 (5” Finished Trapezoid). Cut 4—6-1/2” x WOF. Cut 40 Trapezoids.

Note: Use the cut and shift method to get the most shapes from a width of fabric. More information can be found in the Fabric Reference Chart.


  • Shape 5 (2-1/2” Finished HST). Cut 2—3-3/4” x WOF. Cut 24 HSTs.
  • Shape 16 (5” Finished Trapezoid). Cut 3—6-1/2” x WOF. Cut 36 Trapezoids.

Light Green:

  • Shape 3 (5” Finished HST). Cut 1—6-3/4” x 13-1/2” Rectangle. Cut 4 HSTs.
  • Shape 5 (2-1/2” Finished HST). Cut 3—3-3/4” x WOF plus 3-3/4” x 7-1/2” Rectangle. Cut 64 HSTs.
  • Shape 12.1 (1-1/2” Finished Triangle). Cut 1—4-3/4” x 14-1/4” Rectangle. Cut 48 small triangles.

Blue-green Binding:

  • Cut 4—2-1/2” x WOF

This is the way your pieces will look after they are cut. Here the pieces are arranged by shape.



Block Assembly (make 24 blocks):

Vortex Blocks are made as follows: 

You will need to make a total of 9 Vortex blocks as shown in the diagram below.



Border Blocks are made as follows:

You will need to make 24 border blocks. Twelve blocks are made with the blue half square triangle on the right side of the Flying Geese unit and twelve blocks are made with the blue half square triangle on the left side of the Flying Geese unit. The diagram below shows each step required to make these blocks.



Corner Blocks are made as follows:

Make four corner blocks.



Quilt Assembly:

Arrange the nine Vortex blocks as shown below.



Stitch the blocks together to make three rows and then stitch the rows together to complete the inner quilt.



Add borders to the quilt. Stitch the Border Blocks together as shown. There will be six blocks on each side of the quilt.



Stitch the Corner Border Blocks to two of the borders as shown.



Stitch the vertical borders to the quilt, matching seams.



Then stitch the horizontal borders to the quilt, matching seams.



Quilt as desired.

Bind and Enjoy!



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Marjorie Busby

Written by Marjorie Busby