Get Motivated and Finish Your Quilt Projects

Jan 15, 2021 4:06:56 PM / by Erica Bottger

Sometimes the best sewing room organization comes from just getting projects done. Are you motivated for the new year? Did you promise yourself that you’ll lose a bad habit or start a good one? I have a feeling those typical resolutions may have been replaced by new ones this year. For 2021, you may be planning to spend more time enjoying your family and friends, travel more and hug those you love more – looking forward to a time when those things are safe again.


Whatever your resolutions look like for the year, quilters will all be resolving one thing – to get more project completed! We dream of moving our UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) into completed creations. We look at our PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks) with dismay because we have HIPS (Hundreds of Ideas Piling Skyward).


Finish Quilt Projects-PQ10688 GO! Qube 8 Patchwork Portfolio

Featured Pattern: GO! Qube 8" Patchwork Portfolio Pattern (PQ10688)


Well, if you’re having trouble getting motivated to finish projects so you can say TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Finished), you’ve come to the right place! Here are some ways to get excited about finishing even the most stubborn WOMBAT (Waste Of Money, Batting And Time).


1. Sort through those projects.

Put those WIP’s (Works In Progress) in order, take a good inventory and see what’s left to complete each one. Create a list of what projects you have going and note what stage it's at, for example:

Gnomes in the Garden Wall Hanging - Just needs binding

Ellie's English Paper Piecing Butterfly Tote - Need to apply appliqué and construct bag


2. Set a goal with a reward.

We’re talking realistic goal and a really good reward here, quilters! For the reward to motivate you, it has to be a real treat, not just a random fat quarter. A die you’ve been wanting to add to your collection maybe?


3. Start with finishing something easy.

We all know what I’m talking about, the quilt you packed up 2 years ago because company was coming over that has the binding half finished already. The table runner that only needs to be quilted and bound – you get the picture, quick and easy.


4. Find a challenge buddy.

Motivate yourself and a quilty friend at the same time with a little friendly competition to see who can finish a project first or finish the most projects. Even though we aren’t doing a lot of sewing together, this would be easy to do virtually.

Finish Quilt Projects-Group-Sewing-EDIT


5. Time for a trade.

Do you have a PhD (Project Half Done) that simply doesn’t bring you joy anymore? Maybe it’s time to trade with a quilty buddy – I’ll finish yours if you’ll finish mine is the concept. What a great way to move on from a WIWMI (Wish It Would Make Itself) project.


I hope these tips will help you get motivated to finish up some of your WIP’s (Works In Progress) because even though we may have a SABLE (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy) in our sewing rooms, we still love a good FART (Fabic Accumulation Road Trip) to be ready to start some new projects!


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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger