GO! Bowties-4” Finished is a Quilter’s Bonanza

Aug 27, 2018 8:00:50 AM / by Alex Anderson

By Alex Anderson

The world of quilting is taking some amazing an unexpected turns nowadays. The modern quilters are stretching the boundaries of what a quilt looks like, but at the core, many of them are taking a traditional block, simplifying it, and giving it a completely new look. What they are doing is amazing, and I really admire it.

Two of the elements that are present in many modern quilts are “traditional” and “simplified.” As a longtime quilter, I am completely behind both ideas! I love the traditional patterns and use them constantly in my quilts, adding my own twists to personalize them and make them unique.

I’m also all for simplifying the process as much as possible. We have so many modern conveniences nowadays that take away some of the tedium – and imprecision – of quilting. Yes, absolutely, I love the meditative quality of quilting. It’s still there, in the repetition of sewing together units and blocks. For hand quilters, it’s there in the many hours of quilting. But I’m happy to get the pieces cut out faster, and get to the fun part – putting the pieces together and watching them grow into something beautiful.

Take the Bowtie block. I always thought it was the dumbest block in the world until I made my first Bowtie quilt – then I was hooked! It’s the perfect block to have a play date with your fabrics.

The Bowtie block can be amazingly versatile, and with a diagonal setting you can create an unending variety of set solutions. Check out the free pattern that comes with this die - it is wonderful!


Now the Bowtie is one of my favorite go-to, easy blocks.

The fabric cutting, however, can be time-consuming and tedious – and not in a meditative way. It can also be the root cause of errors when sewing. Minor mistakes in cutting can result in major mistakes in sewing. Cut your pieces a little bit off perfect, and the problem snowballs as you build units, then blocks, then a full quilt.

A die cut creates a sound foundation for your quilt project. Not only does it cut perfect pieces every time, it does it so quickly and so easily, you’re ready to start sewing before you know it.


This GO! Bowties-4" Finished die is all flip-and-sew; to ensure accuracy, use a finer thread in your bobbin. I love Quilters Select para cotton poly, 80 wt. It's super fine, but super strong, because it's made of polyester. No worries about mixing threads on the top and bottom of the machine.

A die simplifies cutting so you can concentrate on the best parts:  color placement, layout, sewing, quilting. It’s all your creativity and your design, just easier, faster and with spot-on accuracy!

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Alex Anderson

Written by Alex Anderson