GO! Crazy Over these Patchwork Santa Stockings

Dec 3, 2019 8:08:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi it's Bea from Beaquilter.com again. I'm here to show you how I made these three fun crazy patch Christmas stockings with the GO! Santa Stocking (55854) and the GO! Big Crazy Quilt-10" Finished (55861) dies, Andover fat quarters and some really, really soft, fluffy fur from Shannon Fabrics and some fancy decorative stitching! These go together so fast with AccuQuilt dies to help with cutting, so you will easily be able to make and hang these before the holidays!


crazy quilt patchwork stocking





  • 18 Fat Quarters (12 for stockings and 6 for the lining) - I used miscellaneous pink, red and beiges from the Andover Braveheart by Laundry Basket Quilts
  • ¼ yard (depending on WOF) of white fuzzy or fur fabric
  • 6 scraps of batting, 11 x 21 inches each


Constructing Crazy Quilt Stocking

First, I picked 12 fat quarters from the Andover Braveheart by Laundry Basket Quilts bundle and set aside some for the linings. This is for three stockings and since it's a crazy patch block, I wanted more variety. Keep in mind, each stocking uses two blocks on each side, so you will need a total of 12 blocks.

andover braveheart pink red beige fabrics


Here are my cut pieces. I like to store pieces in plastic bins like this so I can easily see the shapes and where they fit within the block. To get that patchy look, after cutting out all the pieces, I took one fabric from section B and moved to the bottom, then two then from section C and moved them down to the bottom, and three from section D and repeated until I had mixed up each piece. That way no two pieces from the same fabric were next to each other. 

andover fabric cut into go big crazy quilt pieces


I followed the GO! Big Crazy Quilt die insert to construct my block. Before long I had 12 blocks sewn together!


pieced crazy quilt red, pink, beige


To fit the stocking size and shape, I sewed together the blocks into sets of 2 (so 6 sets) and laid them on top of the scrap batting (remember, the scraps should be at least 11" x 21"). I also have a large bin for scrap batting and this was a good place to find large scraps. :)


I pinned the sections onto the batting:


two crazy quilt blocks sewn together over batting


With an open toes foot, I used a bunch of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine and stitched on top of each seam in different colored threads. To match the fabric, I used burgundy, pink and beige threads.


open to sewing machine foot stitching quilt pieces


I trimmed away the batting after I finished.


trimmed crazy quilt blocks with batting


Then I laid on the sets on the GO! Santa Stocking die to cut out the stocking shapes. Be sure to set three right side up and three right side down. Batting counts as two layers so each set counts as three layers together. When in doubt, play it safe, especially when you have worked so hard on sewing together a beautiful block. For this, I only cut one set at a time (three layers).  


Since I had sewn onto the batting and it's a crazy patch, I didn't worry about straight of grain. I deliberately moved the piece around so that odd center hexagon wouldn't be on the same spot on each stocking.


crazy quilt stocking pieces


For the cuffs, I used this super fussy, super thick fur fabric from Shannon Fabrics. It's a little linty but luxuriously soft. To help you avoid some of the mess, take a look at this advice about cutting Shannon Fabrics in an AccuQuilt fabric cutter. Again, I played it safe and cut this thick fabric one layer at a time. 

Shannon Fabrics white fur


I pinned that to the front of the stockings and sewed it together with a walking foot (to help avoid bunching).

white fur stocking cuff pinned


Then cut out lining pieces from the six FQs I set aside. I decided to flip the cuff fabrics so if the right and left stocking were two different pink fabrics, the cuff was the opposite pink fabric.

pink andover fabric on go santa stocking die


Making the Hanging Tag

You will need 2½" x 5" scraps for the hanging tags. Press the 2½" x 5" scrap in half, open it up then fold the raw edge toward the middle and press. Fold that strip in half and press one more time. Finally, top stitch near the edges.

folded andover stocking hangers


Sew these to the top of right facing stockings about ½" from the sides.

two sided stockings sewn together


Then sew one lining together with one matching front piece at the cuff like this, so you have one right and one left for each stocking.


sewing stocking lining together


Then sew each set of stockings right sides together, leaving about a 4 to 5 inch opening by the heel of the lining. Turn the stocking right side out using the gap, then stitch the opening closed.


TIP: Cut slits around all the curved edges so when the stocking is turned right side out, it lays flat.

sewing seams of stocking lining


Stuff the lining inside the stocking and it looks like this:


completed patchwork stocking with fur top


Here are the three adorable stockings!


3 completed scrappy stockings


I really love the crazy patch look, but of course you can use other fun blocks or orphan blocks and use this same technique for your own unique stockings! :) If you decide to make your own stockings, be sure to share them with us on social media! 


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