GO! Truck Down on the Farm Quilt Tutorial

Mar 4, 2021 11:32:22 AM / by Denise Looney

Hello AccuQuilt community! I am so excited to share with you the new GO! Truck die (55187). There are endless design possibilities for the truck and I am here today to show you what came to mind the instant it was presented to me. But first let me tell you what else comes to mind; monster trucks, tow trucks, rat rods, low riders, do you have a mudder in your family? I see truck curtains, truck pillows, pink trucks, blue trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks.


Coming from a rural area in Southern Illinois, I see A LOT of trucks in use on the farm and that's the direction I'm heading in. Before we move along I should introduce myself. It's Denise here from For the Love of Geese.


Every farm needs a truck and every truck needs a farmer so we are adding Overall Sam. Oh by the way, Sam could be a Sam or Samantha with a quick change of cloths. What would a farm be without animals? Did you know you can make more than just an owl with the GO! Owl die? Well I sure didn't until I discovered how with the adorable GO! Talk To The Animals Baby Quilt Pattern (PQ10509).


This was really fun to play with and I could see myself getting a little out of control with the truck die, I had to refrain from getting too creative. Ssh, I did sneak something in which I will share with you. But first let's get started.



  1. ½ y of 3 different shades of light blue. I chose shade that were very close in color because I wanted subtle pinwheels.
  2. Assorted 10" squares or scraps large enough to cover your die shapes.
  3. Red and yellow fabric for the barn and silo. Pick up your free paper pieced pattern here.
  4. Heat N Bond Ultra™ for raw edge applique or download the free embroidery designs on the individual die pages. AccuQuilt really thought of everything.





QST 6" finished- 60 triangles total. Cut 30 from medium blue and 30 from darkest blue.

HST 6" finished- 30 triangles in the lightest shade of blue. These will form the background for our appliques.


Block and Quilt Construction

  1. All seams are ¼".
  2. Begin by stitching 1 medium blue and 1 dark blue QST together. Add a HST to form a combination block. Repeat 30 times.
  3. You will then join 4 combination blocks to form 1 whole block as shown in the photo below. Repeat 7 times. To avoid excess bulk in the center nest your center seams.
  4. With the 2 remaining combination blocks you will join them as show in the quilt layout below. So your bottom row will be (left to right) the barn silo block, half a block and one whole block.



Iron your fusible web onto the back side of fabric following manufacturer's directions and allow to cool completely prior to die cutting.

GO On the Farm - owl die


Remember that ssssh moment? Well, the GO! Truck die has circles for tires and hub caps, which I did use on the blue truck. For the green truck though I decided to use the circles from the GO! Owl because they are larger and I just had to throw a mud truck in here. For the hub caps I also used the smaller circle from the GO! Owl and that allowed for more tire.

GO On the Farm - truck die-1


Constructing the blue truck below and trying to decide on its placement before fusing.

GO On the Farm - truck


GO On the Farm - baby chick and rabbit


Baby chick, rabbit and eggs from the GO! Spring Medley die, aren't they adorable? There is also a basket that is not shown in the photo above. Can you see an Easter picnic quilt too?


Center the shapes the best you can . This is where nesting your seams will really help.

GO On the Farm - overall sam


GO! Overall Sam always coordinates his accessories. You could of course use the GO! Sunbonnet Sue in place of Sam but any respectable country girl knows you have to have overalls and boots when working the farm. Hmm, I wonder if you can swap out Sue's bonnet on Sam so she can be a little more stylish?

GO On the Farm - barn and silo


If you took advantage of the free barn and silo block now would be a great time to piece that. I know it's not AccuQuilt but at present there are no barn dies available. Of course you don't have to add the barn and silo at all for everyone to fall in love, just make another block and a half.

GO On the Farm - owl, truck,overall sam and barn


Join your blocks in 3 rows of 3. Choose the location for your shapes and follow the manufacturer's directions for fusing. From the GO! Owl die I made a pig, cow, rabbit and could not resist the owl.

GO On the Farm - progress 2


Can you see the difference of tires sizes in the blue and green trucks below? The green sits up a little higher due to the larger circles on the owl die.

GO On the Farm - farm


To finish off, join your 3 rows together. At this point it will finish at 36" square. Add a border, some more chicks, a couple more rabbits and definitely more trucks if you like.

GO On the Farm - Panel

Layer and quilt. Wasn't that an easy on point quilt finish?

GO On the Farm - side view


More photos taken on what will likely be our last warm sunny day of the year now that fall has set in.

GO On the Farm - farm quilt   GO On the Farm - full quilt


GO On the Farm - quilt


If you follow this tutorial and make your own GO! Truck down on the farm be sure to tag and follow @AccuQuilt on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and me on Instagram (@fortheloveofgeese) or  Twitter (@4theloveofgeese) so we can see yours, too!


Download the block for this tutorial here!


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