What Goodies Can I Expect in the AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO! Box?

Jul 9, 2019 8:45:08 AM / by HollyAnne Knight

If you are or were hesitant to try AccuQuilt, you aren't alone. Check out how HollyAnne Knight of String and Story learned the revolutionizing power of our fabric cutters as she unboxed her Ready. Set. GO! and gave our system a try for the first time. Be sure to meet all our GO! Getters here and follow our blog to see what they're making!


Hey hey, you GO! Getting Rockstars! My name is HollyAnne Knight of String & Story, where it is my job to guide you to quilt and live with confidence!


Unboxing the Ready. Set. Go! Cutting System


To be honest, I'm usually pretty good at muscling through things that aren't my favorite, but cutting just really saps my quilting mojo. It takes a lot of time and energy, is something I struggle to do around my kids (littles plus a rotary cutter equals no bueno), and I often find myself blocked by when it comes to starting or continuing projects-- even projects I'm really excited about.


That's why, when given the opportunity to try and use the AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO! fabric cutter I was like:






AccuQuilt had been "on my radar" for a little bit, aka it was this seemingly mythical, magical invention that I'd heard stories about but never actually touched or even seen in person. When my Ready. Set. GO! was en route to my doorstep, I struggled to explain to Hubster exactly what it was.


That's when I realized that I can't possibly be the only quilter whose creative process could be totally revolutionized by AccuQuilt. But the simple element of mystique stood between me and actually checking out what cutters are available. The best way I know to share anything is via video, so join me as I open up my very own Ready. Set. GO! for the first time:





Everything You Need, Just Add You

I love the "kit" factor of the Ready. Set. GO! Anytime I try something new, I want to make as few decisions as possible and yet have everything I need to get started properly. While AccuQuilt has an extensive catalogue of wonderful cutters and dies, the Ready. Set. GO! ensures that you'll fall in love straight away with using dies instead of rulers and rotary cutters to prepare your projects. In addition to the cutter, dies, and cutting mats, this kit includes amazing literature and resources like instructional leaflets and and the Quilt in a Day GO! Qube book by Eleanor Burns. Truly, this is fabric die cutting success in a box.


Using the GO!

Right after "what do I need to get started?" is "HOW do I get started?" As I mentioned, there were lots of materials in the box, but I really only looked at the three steps diagram before making my first cut: 1) Lay fabric on die 2) place cutting mat on top of fabric 3) Roll through cutter. Can this swanky gizmo really be that easy? Spoiler: Yep. Check it out:





(By the way, the die I'm using here is the GO! Half Square Triangle - 2" Finished (shape 5) from the GO! Qube 8" Mix & Match block sets.)


My Reservations and Safety

Oh, and remember how I mentioned that rotary cutters around my kids freak me out big time? I'll have no trouble using my AccuQuilt with the kiddos because all of the blades are within the foam of the die-- the pressure of the cutting mat under the rollers slices them through the fabric. Thus, the chances of cut fingers or faces or anything else, is very, very slim. Awesome? Yes!


My final reservation about the Ready. Set. GO! Cutter was about the space it would take in my sewing room. I'm pleased to report that the cutter itself folds up very compactly and will easily tuck under my sewing table-- out of the way when not in use, but super easy to grab when I need it. I also cleared a shelf in my fabric cupboard to hold my dies. All the Qube sets are beautifully boxed, too, so it'd be easy to display them on a bookshelf within easy reach.


So, my dear Rockstar, if you, too, have been wondering if an AccuQuilt fabric cutting system will make your quilting life easier, I hope my experience encourages you! The Ready. Set. GO! will be your new best friend!


hollyanne knight ready set go unboxing
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