DIY Graduation Gift: Personalized Pillow

Jun 3, 2021 8:15:00 AM / by Suzy Webster

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Hey quilters, its Suzy with Webster Quilts!

Graduations are always exciting!  What's better for a new grad than a DIY pillow to take with them to college? 

So, let's get started!


How to Make a DIY Personalized Pillow

I wanted to make an easy to wash pillow without a zipper, or without having to sew a hole closed when putting it on the pillow form. 

To do this, I made a two piece overlapping back.


Materials Needed:

  • 1 yard background fabric
  • Fusible Web
  • Scraps for Circles and letters
  • AccuQuilt Letter Die #55559
  • AccuQuilt GO BIG Circle Die #55462
  • 20 inch pillow form



  1. Put fusible on your scraps and cut circles using the circle die.

  2. Put fusible on the back of the letter fabric, and cut the letters for your graduate’s name.  Be sure to put them fusible side down when you run them through the cutter or the letters will turn out wrong.

  3. Cut a background square 22” by 22”.  Layout your circles and letters, then fuse.


  4. Stitch down all the circles and letters.  I used a triple stitch to make the stitching really stand out.


  5. Cut two background pieces 20.5" by 13".  Iron a fold on one of the 20.5" sides and topstitch it.

  6. Put pillow top down - right side up.  Then, layer two backing pieces with the topstitched sides DOWN so that the wrong sides are on the OUTSIDE.  Check measurements to make sure they form a 20.5” square.  Then, pin in place.

  7. Stitch around the entire square. Reinforce corners and where back pieces join with double stitching.



  8. Cut off extra seam allowance.

  9. Iron seam before turning inside out.  Once you have, iron the seam again so you have a flat outside seam.

  10. Put pillow form on one side.  Then, put the other side on top.  Fluff a little and it’s complete!



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Suzy Webster

Written by Suzy Webster