Have You Seen GO! Quilt Lately?

Oct 22, 2019 8:43:40 AM / by AccuQuilt

You might have already heard about our FREE quilt pattern customizer, GO! Quilt. If you have and are loving how helpful it is in your quilt planning process, we have some updates to share with you! If you aren't yet a GO! Quilt user, let's start with an introduction to your new favorite quilting tool!


As a quilter, you know just how difficult it can be to pick fabric. Either you're struggling to choose from all the beautiful prints and colors for your pattern or you just can't seem to envision how the fabrics you want to use will look when put together. It's a real nail biter to think that you could purchase and cut the wrong fabric. If you could just see your quilt before you even buy the fabric... Enter: GO! Quilt.


Learn more about how GO! Quilt helps quilters!


What is GO! Quilt?

GO! Quilt is a free web-based quilt customizer that let's you "audition" fabric. With over 500 (and counting) patterns to choose from, there is never a shortage of project options. Upload images of fabric you already own or pick from the ever-growing list of preloaded designer fabric lines to build a digital stash. From there, customize patterns with your unique stash to decide what look you want for their next sewing venture. 


Editing a Pattern-Fabrics Open


You can save the design to revisit at a later time or move right into downloading a print-safe pattern with an accurate supply list, fabric need estimations and cutting and sewing instructions. If you're an AccuQuilt user, GO! Quilt will give cutting instructions according to the dies you already own or give suggestions of dies needed to complete the project. Non-AccuQuilt owners need not worry! Cutting instructions can easily be adapted to rotary cutters or scissors. 


What's New?

It's an AccuQuilt habit to listen to feedback from our customers and GO! Quilt is no different. We asked for input on how this tool functions and what could make it more helpful, and our users delivered. This update answers many of those suggestions and gave GO! Quilt a whole new look. Each section is color coded and buttons are bigger and clearer so it's easier to find exactly what you're looking for when you're looking for it. The changes are more than cosmetic though.


Check these out:


Sign In Page

Now when you visit the GO! Quilt website, you're greeted with a new sign in page where it's easy to log into your account. If you have an AccuQuilt account or are already a user, you can still use the same email and password. If not, simply click Create an Account to get started. It's all FREE!


Sign in Pop Up-Square


My Projects Page

If you're already logged in, you will start on the My Projects page, where you can see all the projects you have been working on at a glance. From there, choose to view or download a design's instructions, edit the fabric and colors or delete it all together.


My Projects Page-Square


Feeling inspired and ready to start a new design? You're one click away from 500+ quilt, wall hanging, table runner and project pattern options. Just hit the New Project button on the right and start browsing!


Bigger, Clearer Buttons

Speaking of buttons, from starting a new project, adding a new stash and viewing/downloading instructions, all buttons are bigger, brighter and easier to find. 


Pattern Summary Page-Clearer Buttons-Square


That goes for when you're adding fabric to your stash, too!


My Stash Page

Now, it only takes one click to get to your stash and see all the fabrics you have uploaded and favorited. The My Stash page is easy to maintain too. If you put one of the fabrics in your collection to good use, click the little trash can icon to delete it.


My Stash with Fabrics-Square



Adding (Even More) Fabric

It's still just as easy to add designer fabrics to your stash. Click Fabric Collections at the top of the web page navigation and scroll through the list of your favorite fabric companies. When you find a line you love, click View Collection and start selecting fabrics. Click the button with the plus symbol to add and the trash can to delete. 


Add a Designer Fabric to Your Stash-Square


GO! Quilt includes lines from fabric designers including:


My Products Page

It can be difficult to remember all the AccuQuilt products you have collected over time. If you need a refresh, click the My Products option in the top navigation. It will open a new window (so you aren't navigated away from the project you're working on) to your Product Library on the AccuQuilt website. Remember, anything purchased through the AccuQuilt site will automatically be added to your library, but those purchased elsewhere will have to be manually entered.


How do you use GO! Quilt? Share your tips, feedback and, especially, projects you make using it! We can't wait to hear how you GO! Quilt!


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