Community of Kindness: Helping Others through Charity Quilting

Jun 15, 2022 10:00:00 AM / by Cayden Crowise

It’s hard to believe that six months have flown by since we started the Quilt the World campaign. If you’re not familiar, in January 2022, AccuQuilt partnered up with Moda Fabrics and Baby Lock in a pay-it-forward campaign called Covering the World: One Quilt at a Time.




A Group of Quilters with Their Completed Quilt




Quilters and designers from AccuQuilt and Moda Fabrics have been donating their time and quilts to a charity of their choice throughout the year. Each week, one person from our teams will donate a quilt to a charity of their choice. Plus, we’ve invited all quilters to join us!


Let’s take a moment to celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far!



A Quilt Donated in January for the Quilt the World 2022 Campaign



How Many Quilts Have We Donated So Far?

Coming together to create and donate quilts is a great way to make a big impact in our communities – and we’ve done great so far.


As of June 13th, we’ve donated a total of 185 quilts!


You can keep up with this exciting quilt charity on social media by following the #QuiltTheWorld2022 hashtag on Instagram or by joining the Covering the World Facebook group to see everyone's donations and to share your donation journey as well.



Your Favorite Organizations To Donate To So Far Are….

  • Project Linus is the largest recipient – with 42 quilts.
  • The second-largest recipient is Alamance Regional Cancer Center – with 13 quilts.
  • The third-largest recipients are Make a Wish Sandpiper and Quilts of Valor – with 11 quilts each.


These donations are wonderful! Of course, we absolutely love seeing all the donations going to local charities as well. So many of you have chosen to gift your quilts to smaller organizations. Remember, you can donate to any organization – big or small! The choice is up to you.




A Quilt Donated in March for the Quilt the World 2022 Campaign



How We’re Celebrating Your Charity

You’re helping provide comfort to others - and we want to celebrate you! That’s why every month this year, we are randomly selecting one person who has donated a quilt to receive $100 in AccuQuilt Rewards Points and $100 of Moda fabrics - but there’s even more to celebrate!


We have some big prizes being given away at the halfway point as well as at the end of the year! During our July 5th Livestream event, we will be giving away a $500 prize - $250 in AccuQuilt Reward Points and $250 in Moda Fabric products.


It’s not too late to enter to be eligible for this great giveaway! Be sure to follow the guidelines to be eligible and make your donation social media post by June 30th. Then, join us during the July 5th show to hear who has won this fantastic prize!



A Quilt Donated in April for the Quilt the World 2022 Campaign



How Do I Enter into the Giveaways?

Entering is simple. Just follow these guidelines to be eligible for future giveaways:

  1. Make a quilt.
  2. Take a photo of the quilt and donate it to your favorite charity.
  3. Post your photo on your Instagram Page (a post, not a story - and it must be a public post) OR in our Facebook group.
  4. Qualified entries must include a photo of the quilt, the name of your charity, and the hashtag: #quilttheworld2022



Will There Be Giveaways for the Rest of The Year?

Yes! Every month, we will continue to draw winners and on December 27th, we will draw the Grand Prize winner. This prize is valued at $3,000!!! The winner will receive:

  • $1,000 in Moda fabric and products
  • $1,000 in AccuQuilt products
  • Baby Lock Presto II Sewing Machine valued at $1,299




Quilt the World Grand Prizes




Let’s Finish Strong & Cover the World in Quilts!

We’re so thankful for everyone who has joined us on this charitable journey! We can’t wait to see how many quilts we can donate by December 27th. We’re at 185 now…how many do you think we’ll have by then? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Be sure to register for our FREE live events to learn about AccuQuilt’s and Moda Fabrics’ weekly donations for Quilt the World! Let’s finish this year out strong and provide warm comfort to those in need!


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Written by Cayden Crowise

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